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Do You Believe In Prayers?

This weekend, I will be away to visit the very ancient Mogao Caves in Dunhuang. My wife and I have to fly to the Silk Road's belt of Xi'an again and board a 22 hour train ride to reach Dunhuang in the Gansu Province of China, where the famous Gobi Dessert lies. We had visited Xi'an 2 years ago and saw the Terracota Warriors and scaled China's most dangerous Huashan Mountains. What makes Mogao Caves in Dunhuang so famous today??

Read on for answer in red bold letters below!

I would like to share some unknown facts about this beautiful Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur. It is a very popular temple since it was officially opened in 1989 and has attracted millions of tourists and worshipers from all over the world. I must say that it one of the Most Powerful temple I have ever stepped in with so many testimonials of my own. My prayers and wishes have been answered several times besides the very precise and accurate fortune telling sticks. I know I sound superstitious but I …

Weekend @ One Utama Shopping Mall

It was a very packed weekend at the mall with many families visiting the Japan Travel fair and LEGO City's Exhibition. The economy must be good with many people flying off to Japan for vacations. More people are also buying LEGO sets nowadays too. This is such an expensive hobby as my good friend Bruce Lee has invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours building his LEGO sets! So we went to see Bruce's own exhibit on display.

  Shoppers are always attracted to anything about Japan! Their food, vacations and products are often well rated. We went to check their discounted train fares for our coming trip to see the Sapporo Snow Festival this Winter.

The whole exhibition area was set up like a traditional shopping street in Kyoto.

 Their folks were very attentive and gave very helpful information to everyone who dropped by.

 It was like walking inside Japan with people wearing their traditional uniform. I saw a Ninja too.

 Pretty ladies in their Winter Outfits to promote …

Home Cooking Adventure

My wife has been quite free lately and went into the kitchen's frenzy mode. She has been cooking many delicious and healthier meals at home besides baking cakes, pies and even special loaves of bread. Here, let me shout out some of her awesome and mouth watering dishes.

Meal #1: Hearty Big Breakfast with Bacons, Baked Beans, Scrambled Eggs & Sauteed Salad of Potatoes, Cauliflower & Carrots using freshest oregano & mint leaves from our own garden. The breakfast came complete with her own baked cranberry bread and mushroom soup!

Meal #2: Kampar Styled Claypot Chicken Rice with lap cheong and pork belly. (No eggs or Mushrooms)

Meal #3: Fish Head Soup with Milky Broth and Tauhu Beancurd, fresh & fermented vegetables.

Meal #4: Pan Fried Honey Mustard Chicken with marinated herbal salad and fresh mushroom soup.

Meal #5: Korean Dolsot Bibimbap with rice and assorted vegetables, chicken and eggs in fire heated claypot.

Meal#6: Pan Fried Marinated Fish with Rockets & …