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Bringing Deepavali Cheer & Lights

Our usual NGO that provides palliative cares, sent a message to my wife on the plight of a patient. This poor Indian lady who is suffering from the last stages of breast cancer was hospitalised for 8 months and got discharged yesterday. She must be very distraught to see no cure and went home sadly to see her home without any food. It just added more misery and hunger for her to see her 2 children not being able to celebrate Deepavali with the simplest meal together.
Normally I would easily extort all my close friends for cash donations but that would take days and weeks! My wife was quick and sprang into immediate action and got my generous sister to donate money right away with money transfer by clicking a button! At night, we hurried to the nearest supermarket  after getting a small food list from the cancer patient's young daughter. 

The humble and hungry daughter just requested for less than 5 items that is vegetables, condensed milk, coffee, potatoes etc but we got them ove…

What Is Dementia?

I have been having wild thoughts which type of old age sickness and disease I would choose if given the chance to determine the way my own death should take place. Like many, I would want to die peacefully and painlessly during my sleep after having visited all the countries in my Bucket List. Ultimately, one's karma would determine his own fate until his last breaths.

As promised, I would share some information from the talk conducted by a university's  professor about the Dementia which is a type of brain disease. My father suffered from that disease for some 9 years and our whole family was in pain to watch him fade away helplessly. My heart still aches sadly today as I prepared this blog post.

 The talk was held under a special canopy tent inside a housing suburbs of Petaling Jaya. Many senior citizens turned up to hear the talk & almost everyone had a friend or family member who is suffering from various brain diseases. I took photos of all the projected blurry slide…

My father's Dementia - A Painful Truth

It has been exactly 2.5 months since my father passed away and it seems like many years have passed so swiftly. I have moved on with my life but with a heavy heart whenever my happiest memories flashed back to rekindle the good times. I am always thankful to my beloved parents for giving me the best upbringing any child could wish for. I want you all to be healthy always, so I will share this awareness post below.
I have been yearning to share with everyone on my personal experience, coping with both my parent's illnesses, on their final days until the funeral preparations. I am always thankful that my wife indirectly got me into becoming a volunteer at Hospis which taught me tremendously, the ways to provide palliative care to all the terminally ill patients who became my friends before they all passed away. These lessons eventually gave me the insight and strengths to provide the best support, care and comfort for both my beloved parents' final journey. Suddenly I became ve…

Good Breakfast & Walk In Singapore

We always loved to visit Singapore anytime as this Lion City is very safe and spotlessly clean with neat looking boulevards that line up the trendiest homes and prominent landmark buildings. You could also marvel at the abundance of greens with plentiful of well trimmed old shady trees and forest reserves everywhere. No wonder the temperature was 36 DEGREES CELSIUS yet it was not hot at all. Our trip was quite a rush to visit 2 very sick uncles and meet up with my wife's childhood friends. Everyone was so nice and overfed us with so much delicious food until I put on 2 kilos in 2 days. No kidding! 
This beautiful couple, Steve & Samantha Hou are long time personnel heads attached to the Singapore's Carlton and Resort's World Hotels, so they know what exactly is fabulous breakfasts, lunch and dinner. They suggested that we must try the very famous New York's chic restaurant that has made its way across the Atlantic to Singapore. The chef husband & wife founders…

Tai Chi Tournament 2016 @ Johor Bahru

Do you remember my earlier post that my wife's leg was injured with snapped tendon last week? Oh well, nothing could stop her and she used her mind to force her limping leg to heal faster. We drove to JB over the long weekend and stayed there for 2 nights. It was both a relaxing and fun trip for me to watch the tournament which was held inside the foyer area of Plaza Sentosa.

There were over 250 participants from all over Malaysia & Singapore.

 I really enjoyed watching all the participants from young-age to senior-veteran  categories who competed in various "Yang Style" categories.

My wife won a Silver Medal for her category in Tai Chi. Honestly, I could not believe that she bagged a Silver! If her leg was not injured, she might have clinched the GOLD MEDAL! I am delighted and still in disbelief.

The event lasted 2 full days and some younger kids were so bored. They gave me a shock when they started playing cards like professional gamblers! Wakakakaka

In the aftern…