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Eating Brunch @ Breadfruits

This Is Not A Paid Post. (Non Halal Place) 
I always read many blogs and those who often posted foodie and restaurants have successfully lured me over to eat on many occasions. I would get fatter and heavier, so I ought to blame them, right? Jokes aside, I should thank these honest bloggers instead for always sharing and introducing to me what's good and what's not! Recently I read MUN's blog about this place at Faber Towers which is a newly refurbished building that houses a very upscale grocery mart, trendy cafes and a 24 hour gym! This convenient hub is truly very happening now! I used to live there for 10 years and it was kinda boring & quiet back then.

I always met up with friends at Faber Towers as it is considered a halfway meeting point between PJ and Cheras / Ampang. I passed this BreadFruits many times but didn't enter as I was not sure what they served. They displayed so much fresh fruits at the entrance and probably confused me. It's my own fault.

Exercise In Moderation

I have been frequently asked "Is exercise good for you?"  The expert's reply - Mostly, yes. Sometimes, it’s not at all.  In fact, there are times when exercise can be downright dangerous. 

There are lots of good evidence that regular exercise of any kind  will lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. 

It will make you stronger, thinner, more alert, and lower  your risk of cancer, stroke, heart attack, arrhythmia 
and blood clots. So please exercise. You’ll feel better 
and live longer but do it in moderation, 
says the expert.

My wife is an exercise and fitness freak who often gave me raised eye brows & shocking surprises. She has cycled with her gang for the torturous Century Ride of 180km around Penang till Kedah & Perak States besides trips up to Fraser's Hills, Hulu Langat, Melaka and others on her 2 wheels. She has dragged me to hike up Mount Kinabalu, Mount Emei-Shan, Mount Jiuhua-Shan and Mount Hua-Shan in China. My heart and poor legs were …

Drinking Durian Water

I went to eat durians with a friend together with our wives recently and he posted my photo in his instagram. I was so surprised to see myself drinking the water from the durian's skin at the stall in Cheras. My wife had earlier taught me that it is a popular remedy of old wives tales to reduce the bodily heat and bad breaths after eating so many durian fruits.

Oh well, I tried it and felt good after that durian water drinking rituals. No bodily heat and no bad breaths or smelly fingers whatsoever! Have you ever tried this?


Man's Best Friend

I found my old childhood photo in my blog archives recently. It was taken at my grandfather's home in Thailand which is almost 2 acres big. He kept several dogs and 4 servants to manage the place. When intruders entered at night, the dogs would bark non stop to wake my late grandfather up. He would just pick up the rifle and shoot at the direction. The loud gunshot bang would send the robbers away! The dogs went back to sleep.

The photo of my brother, cousin and myself. Can you recognize me? I was about 9 years old.
Today I have so much memories of my late father and all the dogs in Penang. I was a very small kid then and got chased by so many dogs. I got bitten by an Alsatian, Doberman, Dalmatian, Bull Dog, Shaggy Dog and so many pariah dogs! Each time I got bitten, I would go home crying to my father who would ask me to show him the dogs in the neighbourhood. He was worried and always took me to hospital for rabies injections!! My wife thinks I am still very crazy at times and …

Where is the BEST Fish Head Noodles?

Now it is time to move on and I will join the wagon to blog about food. I know it is not my style to share about what I eat, ate and eaten. It sounds so unlike me as I have been hopeless to brag about food.
Let me share how I became a great fan of fish head noodles. It was over a decade ago when I lived in Taman Desa and Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles opened their second branch there. I loved their noodles so much that I patronized their restaurant almost daily and became good friends with the son of the Lady Boss! This Kah Wei would always give me something special like jumping the long queues!!
Last weekend, I decided to head to their other branch at the Sri Petaling area after collecting my wife's racing bicycle which went for some fine tuning at a workshop in the vicinity. I have been hesitating to eat there after seeing so many bloggers sharing the variety of the delicious food haven. The parking was really horrendous and I knew that as my ex company is still there. I worked ther…

Good Bye To My Parents

The journey of life is not always a path of roses and happiness. The world is enveloped with the balance of night & day, happiness & sadness and birth & deaths, eventually.
My dearest mother left us in March 2015 and my father joined my mother in August last month. They have been the most loving couple I have seen as they had never quarreled even once and were inseparable. 
My family made a trip to our hometown in Penang last week to fulfill my parents wishes to conduct the internment of their ashes into the sea. 

 It was a beautiful morning from the windows of my room at Evergreen Laurel Hotel @ Gurney Drive.

 We arrived at the quiet and tranquil beach of Teluk Bahang where no tourists would swim here. I fetched 2 monks to bless and conduct the internment ceremony.

My family, siblings and their families boarded the chartered boat.

I brought along an ice box full of jasmine with rose petals. My parents loved flowers and we always had beautiful flowers in the gardens of the…