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Yogyakarta Trip - Prambanam Hindu Temple

We visited the ancient Buddhism complex of Borobudur in the morning. That evening, we visited the Prambanam which is an ancient  Hindusim Temple after a bumpy ride up the  Mount Merapi Volcano.
If you have visited Angkor Wat, you might find Prambanam a bit small but its profound existence in Indonesia since the 9th century is indeed a great eye opener about their religious cultivation and way of life since the ancient times.

 1. Candi Prambanam is an ancient Hindu complex of temples located in Central Java, some 17km Northeast of Yogyakarta.

2. It was opened in 856AD during the 9th Century. The earthquakes had destroyed them several times but they were partially rebuilt again, as seen above.

 3. Hide and Seek time! SPOT ME???

 4. I only climbed and walked a lot when I went overseas. The gym preparations often geared my leg muscles to get ready for all the coming trips otherwise I would be dead meat.

5. AHOY! Here I took a good look at the whole area.

 6. I was often amazed how the …

Yogyakarta Trip - Borobudur

This place is the most visited and popular site in the whole of Indonesia besides the resort of Bali. It took us so long to gather our plans to visit this ancient site where the Buddha was believed to have made his last cultivation in Tibetan Buddhism inside the ancient complex.

 1. We got a tour guide driver to drive us to visit 3 places in one day - Borobudur, Mount Merapi Volcano & Prambanan.

 2. I was excited like a child. This place is very unique and nice!

 3. The whole layout of the Borobudur was like the Tibetan Holy Mandala. It has 4 entrances to enter & exit.

4. This ancient complex has been rebuilt many times after being abandoned and further damaged by the earthquakes & volcanic tremors.

 5. It has many layers of walking paths all the way up. Oh boy, it was very sunny & hot that day. I was soaked in my sweat and suffered from sun burns.

 6. This Buddhism complex was built too long ago and no one has records on the historical date and persons who initiate…

Yogyakarta Trip (Part 1)

We were away to Yogyakarta, Indonesia during the recent Chinese New Year as I was not able to celebrate during the mourning period. We had a very good time staying at the best Resort Hotel besides visiting the ancient Borobudur,  Prambanan and Mount Merapi Volcano. 
The folks in Yogyakarta are very warm, polite, friendly  & VERY FUNNY too!
I have to hurry up and post all the photos before we head off to Japan next week. There will be 3 'quickie' postings starting from today.


1. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Yogyakrta which is a blissful 5 Star Hotel.

2. The hotel sits on 22 acres of Golf Course land with lovely green landscapes and view of Mount Merapi Volcano.

3. My sifu-wife loved to do her Tai Chi daily.

4. You will see beautiful water and landscapes everywhere you walked & turn. It was like heavens to me.

 5. This is the entrance with ponds. Their service is fabulous and the PR staff welcomed us on arrival. She guided us all the way to our room and  expl…