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Calling Durian Lovers

My old man went nuts and loved these durian cream puffs!
So I must share this with all the durian lovers as I find
these new outlets are selling like HOT CAKES!

You should visit the latest friendly shopping mall in Petaling Jaya. It is the Atria Shopping Gallery which is tastefully designed to be the latest boutique mall for all your needs - Daiso, Pet Shop, MNG, Little Penang, GMG Timewear, etc.

I am a regular visitor there with my father for our dinner where I would push him around on his wheel chair.  We always saw long queues of customers buying the  latest craze of durian puffs.

This outlet "Taste Better" sells a box of 6 Durian Puffs @ RM10 and you will get a FREE nice creamy Durian Ice Cream for every purchase of 2 boxes. All the durians are from D24!

When you sink your teeth in the puffs, the soft durian creams will flow out like nectar from heavens!! I love it!

I have bought over a dozen boxes and even brought friends
to try them too. You could smell the durian fr…

Getting Married Again

Today I had to visit the Embassy of Republic of Colombia to make enquiries for my good friend's marriage plans. She was a former Miss Malaysia who resides in London and runs an upscale hair salon in the swanky hubs of Chelsea, where the well heeled bitchy ladies in mink furs with lap poodles are her clients. Christine is getting married again and her new South American beau is a very muscular hunk with the tanned good looks that could star in any pornographic movies! She has given me a big nerve wrecking task which has driven me up the walls for days.

 The embassy was closed for lunch.  So I went to get something light to bite. 

OMG! Just one small Mushroom Pie with Iced Lemon Tea. Costs RM20.40!  My poor heart aches! 


At 2:00pm, I entered the Embassy Of Colombia and laid out the hassles faced by the former beauty queen. In Colombia, the registry of marriage office requires a foreigner like her to show proof a certified copy of Malaysian Birth Certificate which has bee…

Before & After Take

My wife is still in America for the past one week now and she is enjoying the maiden trip's new sights & sound of the new culture. Her 2 weeks stay there is a tough and gruelling one with daily dialogue & meetings with the Think Tanks from the Robotics Team of the world's top university on this subject. 
Meanwhile, she visited many interesting places where I have left the trails of my footprints. She went on to experience the same river cruise where Bruce Willis filmed several of his action packed movies. She also met up with my 2 long lost Japanese sistas! She blew my mind with their photograph taken below.

Top Photo:  24 years BEFORE, hubby with 2 Japanese friends.. Bottom Photo:  24 years LATER, wife with hubby's 2 Japanese friends.


She gave me a new key chain before she left and it comes with a tiny cute bible for husbands! I could not help laughing at the daily quotes expressed inside.

Some Silly Quotes:
True love does not have a happy ending: true l…

Stalking My Wife

The midnight before my wife's flight to America, she collected  all the food leftovers from her office. They have weekly meetings where much uneaten food were thrown away! Kanasai! So she rounded up my visiting friend & family to feed the beggars. It was an eye opener to their 2 young kids to feed the hungry beggars with delicious warm food & bottles of mineral water. They could see how sad & pitiful  to become homeless & lonely.

We headed to Pudu's area again where it's the haven for the poor homeless beggars who slept under the shops and flyovers. You can find dozens of them sleeping openly but I woke them all up as I knew that they were hungry and probably had not eaten for days. They woke up and ate right away! The above handicapped uncle was happy and chatted non stop!  "Hey, come again with more food!" Uncle is calling all bloggers & readers to care for them.

You You & Woei Woei are 2 angels.


My wifey flew off the next day…

Stay Healthy & Live Longer

Nobody wants to die & I wish to live forever too! I must confess that I have been a health freak since I was young. Although I was very wild and clubbing the nights away, I still made time to go running, swimming, bike scrambling
and supported all the friends who were selling MLM supplements.
Those were my growing up years in Penang & Songkhla. I was overdosed with their vitamins A to Z  until my late mother called me "Doctor Quack".

These days, I have minimized popping pills
to just 2 daily supplements of vitamins and have been drinking virgin oils neat & straight from the bottles.

I drank Extra Virgin Olive Oil for many years now  after reading that the oldest lady in France JEANNE CALMENT drank olive oil daily. She took up fencing at age 85 and  still rode her bicycle at 100 years old before her death at 122 years. I worship this Olive Oil mainly due to its help to prevent my chronic nasal blockage every night during sleep and stops all snoring!

I started …

Bake My Own Cookies!

The festive season will be here soon!  I will be sad that my wife will fly to US this weekend. My hometown friends will visit KL  and I thought that I should serve them curry with roti chanai &  cookies to celebrate Hari Raya. I am excited for the long weekends. I dropped by the petrol kiosk  which sells the popular kuehs and cookies.




 LOOK AT THE PRICE! I thought I have serious eyesight problems!

 RM27.00 for a small plastic bottle! 20+ pieces of GOLD. Better buy gold from Poh Kong and munch. Kaneeneh!!! Robbery!

 I will bake my own yeah. So easy, mix honey, butter & corn flakes! Anything else to add inside?


One Scary Night

It was near 12:00 midnight near the hospital.  The rain has just stopped and it was cool. The whole room was very dead quiet  like what a morgue should be  with all bodies lying flat  with individual white soft sheet

~ Rest In Peace ~

Inside this chilly cold room, a motionless body was lying down flat  with white sheet all covered up the torso. This person has lived a good life with so many  ups and downs like anyone else. His soul must be wondering all over the place thinking of the journey of his life. Everything in this life is just an illusion. We only live temporarily in this earth's dimension and should live meaningfully each day. We should love and appreciate all the beings and spam all their blogs that we can read  each new day. Tomorrow May Not Come.


The worker in white uniform walked in and sat down. He started groping both feet with creams and kneaded so hard until I let out screams. I was getting my regular fix of foot reflexology treatment to remo…

World's Biggest Bananas

Last Friday, I was driving out of my office in the industrial area and passed many stalls selling fruits and fried evening snacks  like Fried Banana Fritters, Curry Puffs and Lekor etc.

I had seen this particular mega huge obscene fruit  hanging there for a long time.

I braked my speeding car suddenly and got down  to have a closer look & feel the big banana! 

Gosh! This banana is over 12 inches long, damn smooth & so hard. The Makcik seller bragged that most buyers are females and they love these big bananas! They would eat with bubur (porridge) or simply make  Cekodok (Fried Bananas) to share with their family & friends.  What did you think I was trying to say? Hamsap fellas!!!


These bananas are called Pisang Tanduk and comes from the plantations in Johor! It costs RM7.00 per kilo!!! I bought just one banana to give a Minions Fan since I was heading to his office to run errands.


He was so damn shocked & speechless to see this huge Mi…

Berbuka Puasa Dinner 2015

This year my company's bosses decided to hold the  'Berbuka Puasa Dinner'  inside our factory's office instead. 

We have been holding it annually at the 5 star hotels and clubhouses but one factory manager protested every year.  He suggested that it should be held inside the factory  so that all the other Indonesian & Pakistani workers could join in.  In the pasts, they could not join in the dinner due to several factors.

 Dato Brian specially ordered the mamak food from the best outlet that he has eaten. It is from Kalifah's Restaurant at Damansara Utama.

 So many trays of food were placed inside and outside the meeting room areas. The food was really unbelievably very good to my liking! We had no place to sit and eat properly.  Next year, I will protest and suggest to continue eating outside at proper restaurants.

 The staff of my department posed with a very flamboyant Datin who came to visit and join us. You can see how silly for the CNY decorations to be…

Beware Of Rotten Fruits

I have been foolish again and when will I learn my mistakes  for buying fruits that are nicely wrapped inside plastic bags. I am a regular buyer of fresh fruits and flowers for my big altar at home. When I say big altar, it means I have over 10 statues sitting gracefully on my altar. Your eyebrows must be raised!

I was in a hurry last week and grabbed a bag of YA Pears! Fresh & Juicy! The fruits were all wrapped with individual protective foam-nets inside a sealed plastic bag. 

I opened them 2 days later. 


 4 pears were rotten with maggots inside greeting me "Hello Twilight Man"



This was not my first encounter for buying this bag full of rotten fruits. I swore not to buy this packaged fruits again and yet it happened again. I do not blame the distributor as I believe all their fruits were very fresh and crispy during packing. I would blame myself instead for trusting the supermarket nearby who overlooks all t…

Eating Healthy Meals @ Organic Recipe

I am posting again how I splurged on my recent binge eating  at vegan food outlets. While everyone is sharing about delicious steaks,  course dishes and high cholesterol desserts, I should move away sometimes  to promote some healthy lifestyle stuffs for a change. I will only share  the 3 top vegan outlets of my choice where I purchased many  Groupon vouchers to dine there. I am not a healthy person at my age and should start paying  attention to my health & well being before it is too late. I will never forget how my wifey threatened me several times that she would STOP BREATHING & DIE RIGHT AWAY  if I do not take care of my own health.  Her crazee actions actually shocked me & woke me up too! "...I Am What I Eat..."
1. This Organic Recipe is probably the largest vegan restaurant in KL which is located in a very isolated part of Bandar Utama. Many people are regulars there now while first timers could almost never  find it even with the GPS. It is at the bottom …