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Excellent Breakfast In Singapore

I have been reminded that I have been away from my blog for too long. It was just a month, so not very long compared to many bloggers who went into permanent hibernation in their own time capsules. It has been over 2 months since my mother's passing and I had to attend to many big & small changes recently. I had to clear many stuffs belonging to my late mother until today. She left behind so much legacies and personal belongings. My siblings are all hopeless in doing these errands, so I better do it and not complain.
My wife had to attend her company's meeting with some business associates in Singapore earlier this week. So I took this opportunity to drive there instead as a short trip for me to relax my mind. I have too many relatives living in the republic as my father has 3 brothers and all their families there. We are all very close since our young days but lost touch after getting married with careers to handle. Besides that, we also have many school mates and person…