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My Quick & Lazy Mushroom Soup

I often got inspired by this Lazy Man's cooking & baking posts of blogger RealGunner who is a happy KL bachelor residing in Penang. I thought that even lousy cooks like me  could probably dish out wonders too!  Before I boast to you my cooking, let me wish all my blogger friends  and silent readers a Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2015.  Happy Holidays to everyone and get drunk & happy okay.

You probably remember that my sick mother was discharged from hospital recently and now resting at home. Her efficient maid who has been nursing and caring for her has gone back to Philippines for her Christmas break while my sister is away to join her hubby's family in Sweden and my brother is always finding excuses to disappear from thin air. So we have hired professional nurse's help to give 24 hours care for a week and it costs some RM5,000!!! This is crazy but true... sweats! Besides that, I have to plan for most of their meals and the planning made me smarte…

How To Get Rid Of Lizards?

I don't hate lizards at all. I even play with small lizards by catching them with my bare hands and soaked them in a pail of water until half drowned! That was when I was a kid. I know, I was cruel but not anymore. You might say that I never killed them but gave them good baths.
Over the years, I had headaches with the bigger lizards who would swarm my home at night to feed on insects. They would drop the poo all over my altar and rooms. I would not mind their visits but they should poo outside or in my toilets. I tried to buy all sorts of repellents but they didn't help at all. The lizards still came and laughed at me with that tsk tsk tsk tsk sound!!
Then I heard some grandmother remedy tales that we should use the fresh serai leaves (Lemongrass Leaves) to keep the lizards away.

I found this idea unsuitable as I might need to grow many bushes at home to get fresh supplies. By then, these bushes would attract snakes and I have to start buying sulphuric powder to keep the sna…

Beware of Bad Feng Shui

What is a saw? We know that it's an iron tool with sharp teeth that could slice wood into halves! I have a true story to share as I am a firm believer of Feng Shui and you can call me Superstitious Aunty!

We should avoid sleeping or sitting too close to the open-styled or exposed stair cases. We should place our beds or living/dining room chairs away from them. 

This is the actual photo of the staircase in the factory where I work. It leads up to the office area where all the bosses, staff and myself sit daily. We have a very crammed office with almost 20 persons squeezing inside a sardine can! My Dato boss decided to add tables and chairs below the stairs for his very favourite right hand man and left hand man to sit.

I protested fiercely that it would be a disaster as the stairs resembled the saw! It would slice the person's spiritual well being. It fell on deaf ears!

Damage of this bad Feng Shui in less than 60 days: The right hand man screwed up a very big project case…

(Updated) How To Keep The Cats Away From Your Garden?

I have lived in Taman Tun for some 10 years before moving to Taman Desa for the next 10 years and back! I could say that Taman Desa is a very peaceful hub for many retirees besides the many fierce dogs roaming the streets! You could often see many owners proudly parading their huge dogs like Rottweilers for evening walks. I have even seen rare imported canines like Eskimo dogs and even assorted racing Greyhounds! I often wondered why on earth they kept such huge dogs who eats more than humans at every meals. They don't look cute like good-for-nothing poodles that make good lap dogs! Well, I do love dogs but I don't keep any as I could not afford to feed extra mouths!
Now back to my original abode, this current neighbourhood has turned scary with so much crimes like break-ins and snatch thefts around the banks. The most disturbing matter to me are the many neighbours who keep fluffy cats and persians which roam the streets instead. I rarely see any stray dogs here. The cats lo…

Enjoy African Food In Kuala Lumpur

I am pleased to share a wonderful dining experience I had over the last weekend. I am always seeking for sheer adventurers and excitement when food and traveling overseas is concerned. It has always been my bucket list's wish to visit Africa someday as they have so much to offer besides the colorful culture, exotic food and big wild animals across the safari.
I found out from the WithLocals website that we could actually enjoy real African dinner, cooked by this lovely African couple right here in our bustling city of metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. I need not have to fork out RM4,000 to fly to Uganda & back! It was so simple, I logged into their WithLocals website and booked a date with Ms Tima.

1. This African couple has lived in Kuala Lumpur for over 5 years. Their home at the Regalia Residence Suites is really a posh looking condo right at the tip of Jalan Sultan Ismail.

2. I waited for her friendly hubby to come down to the lobby and bring my gang of 4 up to their unit.

3. Lo…