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Magnificent Angkor Wat - My Eyes Opened 柬埔寨吴哥窟

Let me share a bit about my traveling bug that started around the year 2006. That time AirAsia just started their first ZERO FARES which I guessed was in early 2005 and no friends of mine dared to click & book many months ahead which was the requirement. I took the daring plunge and risks to click so many destinations without second thoughts. We happily flew to Siem Reap, Bali, Bangkok, Penang and others over the period of 24 months! 
I decided to post something which I unexpectedly found in my external hard disk. These photos were taken in 2006 at Cambodia's Angkor Wat ruins before I started my blog in the year 2008.

1. That was my first trip to a place which has full of historical buildings inside the huge ruins of the Angkor Wat's Ancient City. I remember that I was very stunned and probably shocked to see so many gated ruins all over Siem Reap. The trip made me think a lot with self reflects that this once feared Kingdom fought many battles with Thailand, Burma and ot…

Words Of Wisdom

I have got a friend who always shared words of wisdoms in his Facebook like over 5 times daily. I like them all and would save the meaningful ones. What is funny about him is that he is a terrible hypocrite who doesn't practice what he preached. Now that's so typical of human beings, right? Never mind him, I will want to share a few random ones to wake up our senses.

 I will only hang out with the right friends and no less.

 It happens to me!

I never want to live with regret, so I am a very determined fellow.

You and I know them too.

I wonder why the wars are erupting everywhere today.

Who said I am like this??

I wished I knew this long ago.

I always remind myself to blog righteously.

Happy Malaysia Day To You!!


Fun Activities On Cruise

It was funny to hear some comments from bloggers who thought that going on cruise was boring besides getting seasick. This Star Cruise Libra may not be the world's largest but it has 10 levels and very wide body. I would be the first to get giddy and vomit but I felt good throughout without any seasick at all. I hardly felt the floor move at all and slept well like a baby with sweet dreams for 3 nights. They have lots & lots of activities for adults and kids to keep them busy but I avoided them all as my life has been hectic enough living in the city. I preferred the entertainments, dining, gymnasium and casino!

1. I had so much fun by just relaxing and dreaming nonsense. Even the aliens came to watch me jump & jump like a monkey! The whole track was suitable for jogging one big round and they have a bigger track & basket ball court on the level below specially for health & gym freaks like Yannie. 

2. I accompanied my wife and her aunt to join the open air dance e…

Merdeka Celebrations 2014 @ Star Cruise

It was the best Merdeka Celebrations I ever had in my life on board a cruise ship in high seas. It was so much fun to see merry makers and happy faces from all walks of life coming together. There was so much eating. drinking and dancing with high tempo music!

 1. The pianist was always there to serenade the guests with his lovely music! What a classic & fantastic way to welcome us, as one by one arrived on board. There was so much cheap duty free bargains to browse even before checking into my room! Crazy!

2. The ship drifted away from the Port Of Penang Island, all the guests had to gather at their designated decks to be taught on the Emergency Drill's procedures! It was great to know that we will have ample time and rescue boats to jump onto easily if anything happens. Their foreign crews were all professional to teach  and show us everything.

 3. The minute the drill was finished, their Merdeka Celebrations and Welcome Ceremony was ready on the highest level deck where th…