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Happy Merdeka 2014!

Hip! Hip! Hooray!  We will celebrate Hari Merdeka this Sunday 31st August.  We have achieved 57 years of Independence and we should continue to live happily in this beautiful country - Malaysia. 

 Happy Holidays to all bloggers & readers! Meanwhile, I will be joining a short cruise to Thailand. Bon Voyage!


Having Fun @ KLIA 2 (UPDATED)

It was a jolly Saturday night and we had a small surprise birthday dinner for my wife  at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. 

1. It was a memorable night for her with the good company and delicious food.  The chefs and F&B service were also excellent and very professional  to please any fussy guests. Go check it out please!

2. We decided to head to the much heard about "KLIA2" airport after dinner,  to try out her birthday present. It is the latest mini DLSR Lumix GM1 which is mirrorless! Here, I was doing SK's famous Usain Bolt pose!  Show Off! Nice? Any Ratings?

3. This KLIA2 entrance statement is a nice remembrance for any traveler! I love this new airport and was glad to check it out at near midnight when  the crowd was much lesser.

4. The whole interior looks huge, modern and well designed with spacious layout  plus sufficient signs to direct everyone.

5. The information counter looks hi-tech and nice too!  I was so proud to see their friendly and professional serv…

A Fruitful Friendship

I believe that some friends are just like the durian fruits in my life. I had this thoughts after being invited by the blogger Simple Life or better known name "Kuku Bird" to feast on the Musang King Durians recently. He has been texting me out to Yum-Cha or have a cuppa with him over the months but I just could not find the right time and mood to meet him. He was so persistent and tried his luck to lure me with the Musang King durians treat instead! Bingo! I grabbed & went! We both ate them like hungry ghosts, forgetting all the volcanic spites in the past.
Why are friends like durians? I have some friends whose bodies stank real bad. Some had gifted provocative mouths like natural durian thorns outside but their hearts are actually kind & soft inside like durian flesh. The same goes with several thoughtless bloggers & facebookers who would rudely comment and speak without much thoughts which hurt many readers unintentionally. Best of all, they failed to see th…

Help The Victims Of War

The many senseless wars seem to have just begun as I could see no end to them. I have seen enough gory photos of blood, death and beheadings in the Facebooks and TV news until I closed my FB & switched TV channels for days. I felt so sad and helpless to see the sufferings while I could not do much except to pray for peace to mankind again. I wanted to cry for the orphans, lost families, injured victims and hundreds of thousands homeless people fleeing their homes and country.  This MUST STOP!

By chance, I saw in the community facebook posted by one kind soul - Syed Azmi who is a well known voice in my area who would always raise funds, help and create awareness to alert the whole community. Even lost and injured kittens would not pass his eyes. Syed Azmi would do anything to help any beings! I always felt he is an angel sent from heavens to wake us up. He posted an appeal to collect any winter jackets, coats, warm blankets, coats, gloves and even teddy bears to be sent to homeles…

My New Balance Lifestyle

During my younger days in Penang, I loved to go fishing often by the rocky beach, riding Yamaha Enduro scrambler bikes, racing cars and clubbing till wee hours! I sure sounded like a heinous wild animal but who cares?! I had my share of many road bike accidents and falling into the sea during fishing which had scarred many parts of my bones & body. I must confess that I was always wearing my cheap Japanese slippers which was a terrible mistake in making me to slip & fall easily.

I started to invest in good and proper shoes with excellent soles when I lived in US where their 4 Seasons climate requires you to be well covered from head to toes. My American friends taught me about the importance of buying good shoes that would be comfortable besides keeping my feet warm & steady during the cold days where the roads and paths would be icy & slippery. Honestly, I only heard of New Balance shoes for the first time when I saw many American students wore them in college. This r…