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Hazards Of Abstract Art

Everything we see in life is mere illusions. If we are strong minded, we can control all the situations and not allow the situations to control us. I always view the earth as the stage with all actors like you and me, acting in plays of daily life. We are actually using our karma & merits to trade with each other in all aspects like father & son OR bosses & employees OR friends & foes.
I have been observing our surroundings and happiness is actually all around us. We can be happy with nature's wonders and life's beauties too. Here I am posting 3 photos below that look like Art to my eyes. They too, can could be a nuisance, dangers or hazards to you, depending on how you perceive them.

I noticed that in the entire neighbourhood of my home and workplace, the streets are now tainted with so many daily droppings of the crows. They come back to the trees every evening and gawk noisily like sharing their shopping loots. They have to drop all their @#$%# feces onto t…

Dengue Fever Paranoia

I just returned from a hospital visit this morning. My department's staff has been admitted to the ICU for dengue fever! I wanted to freak out as another staff who sat beside her was bitten by mosquitoes too and was stricken with dengue fever too. He is still being bed ridden at home for 4 weeks now! 
You can imagine how paranoid I am!!

My colleague Esther Wong was turned away from private hospitals in Subang Jaya and Pantai as all the beds for dengue cases are full. She was fortunate to be admitted yesterday to this newest medical centre at Ara Damansara which has a posh looking lobby just like a Hilton's standard.
I carried 12 big bottles of 100-Plus and went inside the ICU. Esther jumped up, on seeing me with my hands full. I told her that I was having a party to celebrate and cheer her up. She is my most loyal fan in office who loves to hear all my spooky & black magic tales as well as feng shui talks. Now she is convinced how a tiny mosquitoe bite could send chills, e…