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Atomic Bomb Museum - Nagasaki

WARNING: There are gory and death graphic photos in this blog post.

1. We have long wanted to visit this Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki to learn from the horrendous past history that shocked the world. We wanted to see how the shadows of the disaster was etched permanently onto the walls of a house as reported. Finally, we arrived at Nagasaki which is a pretty neat looking & tranquil city, rebuilt after Enola Gay wiped the entire place.

2. The whole vast areas of the Atomic Bomb's Museum covered several parks lined with several memorial plagues, rich lush landscapes and blooming flowers. It was like a pretty heavens on earth as I had never seen so much flowers on trees in my life. Nagasaki is beautiful.

3. This memorial piece writes "People At Peace". They have suffered enough and the painful memories lived on for many generations. We need peace to move on.

4. The citizens of this world should unite and foster the spirit to live in harmony and with caring hearts. 

Kumamoto Castle In Spring

I always look forward to take the bullet trains in Japan & China as they are superbly fast, very spacious and comfortable! It is more relaxing than cramming up inside the planes. Here, we took a short train ride from Fukuoka to visit the famous Kumamoto Castle which was less than an hour away.

1. I took many photos along the rides around Kyushu Island. The good memories captured are very priceless to me.

 2. There were many interesting things to watch at the various train stations.  Look at that banner of OBAMA SPA!

3. We reached the town and took a tram to reach the Kumamoto Castle. They have cute & easy trams all over the big & small towns in Japan.

 4. The tranquil roads are neat and covered with pretty Sakura petals.

 5. Most castles in Japan have long water canals flowing around their forts, making it real tough for enemies to reach them.

6. It was Spring and the Sakura trees were blooming everywhere! I loved the happy feeling to walk and admire the greens. ..... &q…

Farewell My Boss

My heart sank when I heard that he was being diagnosed with lung cancer which spread from other organs quickly. It was so sudden and he left us barely 2 months after being admitted to hospital. I will miss all his sarcasm jokes hurled at me. He was always humble towards me as I had to run his complicated errands which no one else could handle in the office. He would always clasp his hands in prayers to beg me to get his urgent tasks done and I never failed him.  I shall miss him now.