Blessings Of The Hailstones

I was so stressed on Monday until my hair turned white. CX sent me text SMS twice that my flight to  Japan via Hong Kong was delayed. The heavy rainfall and severe hailstones fell into Hong Kong Island until it caused extensive damages to their buildings and halted many planes from landing & taking off from the Chek Lap Kok airport in Lantau Island.

My flight was horrible as the plane flew into the storm and shook violently until the female bitches screamed on board as if the plane had crashed! Choi choi!!! Goodness we missed our connecting flight to Fukuoka and got stranded like headless chickens.

The minute we landed into Hong Kong, we were told to spend the night at the all expenses paid stay at the luxurious Skycity Marriott Hotel nearby. Our luggage were also stranded alongside thousands of baggages inside their transit rooms. I was so tired and stressed but my wife was happy instead! She told me it was a free added holiday and wanted to do 1001 things in one night at Hong Kong. 

Finally we decided to meet up with her cousin & his wife who so kindly took us to eat the best steamboat dinner I ever had! I had never seen fat oysters like my palm size! After a hearty meal, the hosts took us to eat yummy desserts!

I retired the night happily and caught the next morning's flight to Fukuoka safely. Meanwhile this is just a long winded preview blogged from Japan. I will be posting more and funnier photos soon.

Happy Blogging and Congratulations again to the winners who spammed like storms & hailstones in SK's blog.


  1. Oh dear!!! I would have said a million prayers if I were on board that same aircraft as you....especially so soon after the other one that went missing.

    I hate being stranded like this despite the fact that they would take care of everything and foot the bill - maybe it's just me. I like things to go according to plan - often there are already schedules arranged, all ready to roll upon arrival...and there may be people waiting anxiously at the other side (and those at home) worrying.

  2. Elo elo, wow, greetings from HK ahh? Aiya, enjoy your holiday la, still wana blog meh.. Most important you have arrived safely at your destination.. Your wife is very sporting and positive, to feel happy and also make full use of the time when you guys were “stranded” in HK.. Eh, don’t say stranded la, to me, it’s not even stranded.. You guys can meet up with her cousin and you get to eat good food.. And it’s just for 1 night in a high-class hotel.. Like your wife said, ma treat it as added holiday lor..

    1. In my case, I'm like you and hubby is like your wife.. He's always very positive and will always have nice things to say.. Just like that day, my specs broke into two (yes, I'm short-sighted), I was complaining and cursing and all, hubby said "Aiya, thank God it broke on a Friday, then you can go make a new one tomorrow coz it's weekend and we have time to go.. If it breaks on a weekday, then you got to wait"..

      So you gained weight or not? Eat so much good food wor..

  3. Glad that you hv reached Japan safely. Have a fun time there.

  4. Good morning TM, ya looking forward to your Japan post too.

  5. For me, delay for 1-2 hrs I feel very uneasy one. Keep wandering around the airport - like "sor phor" - nothing to do. LoL! If want to delay then better be like yours - I day...hahaha. So can enjoy one night free stay at luxurious hotel and meal. Happy like your wifey.

    Come to think of it, we have to change our initial plan since our flight is delayed right?

  6. Post more funnier photos? Interesting can't wait for it.

  7. Anyway is past already, and now hope you'll have fun at Fukuoka!!! =]

  8. Probably the mh370 scared the wits out of the so called bitches. Glad you in japan now, have a good time.

  9. wow, Anay had such an unforgettable holiday this time huh?? all the hiccups that stressed Anay up until he almost peed in his pants.. but hey, be like Letchumy, see things from a different angle, consider this as an extra free night stay in HK!! how many times out of your life that you can have a flight delay and enjoy an all-expenses-in stay by the airlines right?? and it's an bonus excursion you gotta taste your so-called best steamboat dinner in your life!!

  10. glad that Anay is still able to have internet assess and blogging right away during your vacation.. it feels different to write a post on the go, than to get everything sorted out and post them after your vacation.. the former is impromptu and as it is, the latter is rather planned and reminiscing.. looking forward to seeing more photos and reading more post about your trip soon :)

  11. see! There is a silver lining in everything :)

    an unexpected vacation in HK and all expenses paid.

  12. why so many !!!

    chill. It ended good right?

    Chalk it up to another uncertainly of life. Unexpected things happens.

  13. So are you in Kyushu now? ようこそ! Youkoso! Welcome! ^^

  14. Aiyoh, TM, don't call us female bitches la... we are "soft" ladies ma.. sure very "scared scared" one.. I can imagine their fear esp. just after the recent tragedy of our still missing plane...
    Anyway, all well ends well, everyone had a good 5 star hotel to sleep on... let all the anxiety and fear cool down first before flying to Japan.. phewww.. If I were in the plane, I wonder if I would scream too.. I really don't like sitting on planes but then the traveling bug is always bugging.. so how ah?
    Ok, will be waiting for your funny poses and photos!!! Enjoy!!!

  15. Oh yea, I heard about the news too. Glad to hear that you and your wifey had a safe journey to Japan. Enjoy and have fun!

  16. It's a blessing in disguise.

    You suffer some and you enjoyed a lot! :)

  17. Have fun vacationing Anay! :)

  18. Good day TM!

    So syok~ Go holidays again! I wanted to visit Japan too, it's such a beautiful country, with so many great food!!

    You enjoy your holidays ok!

  19. Whoa! Palm sized oysters!

    Love reading your trip reports, we're going to Europe tomorrow too, so will be writing on that! It's our annual trip! :D

    Enjoy your vacation buddy!

  20. I also have a bit of flying phobia

  21. Traveling like this is really very stress. Am sure the wonderful steamboat calm you down a little. haha...


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