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Out Of Body Experience - Anyone?

I wish to share a true story of my Japanese friend - Uichi Yasuda whom I met during our college days in United States.
When I was studying advertising in Pennsylvania state, I lived at the swanky Shadyside suburbs outside Pittsburgh City. I took bus shuttles to college daily and often bumped into this muscular Japanese guy who got on bus earlier from his apartment in Highlands Park. We never smiled nor exchanged glances but he always stared at me quietly from the distance. Many months later, we were being properly introduced by another mutual Japanese college mate. I was surprised that Uichi and I hit off very well until I invited him to have lunches and dinners at my apartment. That's when he gathered the courage to open up his life's story to me.
Uichi was born In Tokyo and both his parents were talented scientists working in New Mexico. At the tender age of barely 10 years old, he was left behind in Tokyo to receive his Japanese education and lived at a prestigious Chiyod…

Office Politics & Back Stabbing

I am sure all of you have seen much nonsense at your offices and workplaces all your life. Where there's humans, there's bound to be conflicts. Just name it and I have seen them all from colleagues physically fighting, back stabbing, manipulations, dishonesty, cheating, having affairs and even engaged in sordid sexual activities. 
Yes, I caught the 2 directors in my ex company making out in her room when all the staff had gone home for the day. The whole office's lights were turned off with alarm system turned on while the heavy breathing continued inside the female's locked door. My junior colleague and I made an unexpected return to office that night to return back some important stuffs when we chanced upon the discovery! Her always perfect hair was all messy with blouse wrongly buttoned!

My present workplace is like a whore house with heads of departments back stabbing each other all the time. The foreign workers in their departments are always taking naps at every…