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KL's Most Affluent Homes

I am sure many have heard so much about the Cow Minister's issues sometime ago. You must be very curious how that ultra luxurious condominium looked like. I am fortunate to have a very close friend who is blessed with mega good merits to own 2 units in this KL's Creme De La Creme's Hub of Bangsar.

Every floor has only 1 unit with a space of over 4,000 square feet where the market is now commanding @ RM1,900 psf. It was built to finest perfection for the discerning few 'Who & Who's' in Kuala Lumpur's high societies. Do the maths and you might faint at the price tag.

 The Granite Walled waiting lobby is very huge with super comfy sofas for me to play Candy Crush or take naps.

Even the Mail-Room comes with modern architecture designs.

You will see the panoramic view of the whole hills of Bangsar's wealthiest homes and condominiums.

This is the other side of Bangsar towards KL and Jalan Maarof.

All the luxurious bungalows sprawling around Damansara …

A Taoist Funeral Experience

My late father-in-law breathed his last on 8th October 2013 after suffering from leukemia and some other complications for several years. He has been in and out of hospitals for the last 4 years including seeking herbal treatments in China. He was just 64 years old and sadly, that's a bit too young to go. I will miss his wits and humours.
He had requested to be accorded with the rites of the old fashioned Chinese Taosim funeral after he had passed on. It was a real eye opener for me to observe this whole ritual ceremony that spread over 3 days in this dainty town of Kampar, in Perak. I have previously attended many modern and smaller scaled Taoism rite funerals but this recent one was being carried out with almost to the fullest scale that sent my eyes big.
 My photos are very limited as no one in this superstitious clan would ever dream of taking photos, let alone to even blog it like me. So I photographed them without anyone's knowledge.

1. If the deceased had passed away …