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July Surprises

I went to Mid Valley during the Chinese New Year festive week and saw a fortune teller sitting at his booth. A friend had earlier told me that Chinese man was from Shanghai and could predict many things accurately by just looking at your signatures or handwriting. I forked out my RM100 and sat down to sign just an alphabet "K". He started telling me all my characters and forecasts for 2013. I was very stunned that he knew precisely the auspicious directions that benefits me according to my Bazi. I am not one who is anxious of my future predictions but I was curious to test this teller's accuracy by just looking at your handwriting!
The most amazing telling was that this month of July, I would see some "SURPRISES". I had no idea what his surprises meant but now I have been convinced! I had never received so many gifts from bloggers, all in a single month like July. Look at all my fabulous gifts below. I must covey my heartfelt thank you and appreciation to Blog…

The Greatest Ballet Performance

I was very honored to receive the tickets to watch a spectacular ballet performance recently at Kuala Lumpur's Istana Budaya. My friends and I truly enjoyed the whole show of ~ "Coppelia -The Girl With Enamel Eyes"

Last week, I received the beautiful photos from the organizers as the general audience would not be able to snap such great angles like them. My heartfelt thanks to these photographers for sharing ~ James Quah, Meei Sien, Serena Tan & Patrick Heart . Here I must also share them in case you have missed this greatest ballet performance in Malaysia.

All the dancers gave a fantastic ballet dance musical night with a happy ending story line.

The lead dancers were so well trained and could jump up so gracefully!

Graceful moves like a pretty Swan.

This part was hilarious to see a mummified dancer being tossed about lightly like a toy.

They had fantastic lighting and props to create the magical mood.

 This is the leading ballerina, Ena Hirose from Japan.

The le…

Latest Indie Games ~ Dusty Revenge

Weeks ago, I blogged about Fareed's Nasi Kandar business which has grown leaps and bounds. Today I will share about a fellow blogger, Ken Poh from Singapore. He has become my best buddy over the years and we always shared a lot of interest in spiritual & spooky tale experiences and the unseen. Ken is very imaginative by nature and actually found me after googling the word "Lee Kuan Yew"!!! Well, you should know that I like to share all the sweet success of my friends' in lives.
Ken is now a famous IT expert who runs an innovative Ad Agency and makes exciting games!! I was happy on his recent launch and felt that I should blow my trumpet about his hot selling games at my own accord. His games are very popular now overseas until it attracted unscrupulous people who have pirated them in the market!! Please do not ever support piracy and hurt the original creators who invested thousands of hours and dollars to produce them. A cheat would only take a minute to copy i…

Bento Food For Happiness

I always felt that our marriage was made in heavens. I am easily contented and happy over smallest things.
I may often be broke but I could still be happy to watch movies & enjoy simple meals by the road sides. Before my wife was offered the post to lecture at the university, she had time to prepare my breakfast meals everyday.
She would pack her creative Bento food in little cute boxes for me to bring to office.

Each time I opened the Bento box, the food with little hearts and smiles would start my day happily.  I loved the feelings more than the food itself.

She never ran out of ideas creating them each day, often Mix & Match the cartoons and gardens of salad. Even over aged kids like me would be pleased like a happy child again.

 The Bento food is often just small bites and easy to swallow them. They are healthy too!

Sometimes I would stare at the Bento food and figure out what the icons meant. When she created them, I could see her creativity and glowing hearts being arra…

Make a date with Coppelia, The Girl With Enamel Eyes

I have only been watching ballet rehearsals all my life from Penang's Priscilla Teoh Ballet Academy, all the way to US. Somehow I had no chance yet to watch a real full performance so far. In US, I lived in the Pittsburgh's boarding school at Point Park College where they had a Dance & Performing Arts faculty. Many ballet students had to practice their dances everyday inside the big halls while foreign students like me could only stand behind the pillars to watch them tip toed gracefully in and danced around beautifully like happy swans. Ballet performances are often well received and fully appreciated in US. On the opening nights, we could often see chauffeur driven stretched limousines arriving outside the Opera Houses and Theaters with distinguished male guests wearing their best evening attires of tuxedos accompanied by ladies in pretty designer gowns. That's how glamorous the ballet performances are perceived by the American high societies and Art lovers.
I was t…