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Huanyuan Gardens & 5 Room Hall - Xian, China

The historians recorded that the Huaqing Palace which was dated 3000 years ago & used to have beautiful sprawling gardens and Imperial Hot Spring Bathing Pools (6000 years ago) in their 85,560 sq meters vicinity at the foot of Mount Lishan. This post will cover the areas where the beautiful scenic Huanyuan Gardens once stood, in adjacent land of the Imperial Hot Springs.

Emperor Kangxi once stayed here too, in the year 1703 which was later followed by Emperor Guangxu who lived here with his mother the Empress Dowager Cixi in 1900.

I was very excited when I walked through the huge arches and greeted the old bridges with thousands of orange red Koi fishes swimming gracefully all over the lakes. The feeling was so fascinating and I felt like walking inside in a  Romeo & Juliet's play.

The water was freezing cold and the fishes were in motionless mode always. So the water looked like mirrors to make perfect photographs.

The Chinese styled buildings behind were the various func…

Huaqing Hot Springs - Xian

Most tourists would adjourn to visit the Huaqing Hot Springs after seeing the Museum Of Terracota Warriors as they are not too faraway from each other. The Huaqing Hot Springs has been the site of a famous imperial bathing pool and various palace complexes over its 3,000 year history.

The present day site is only a small part of the Tang Dynasty Palace, covering an area of 85,560 square meters. Entering by the west gate to the hot spring, you will see Nine Dragon Pool, Lotus Flower Pool and Frost Drifting Hall. All these structures were rebuilt in 1959 according to the Tang architectural style.

We enjoyed the nice walk around Xian in Winter. Your mood would be lighter & happier holding hands with your loved one like teenagers again.

The first open air pool of Hot Springs where they often held performances before Winter. The water was still hot inside the pool.

I was happy to see lesser crowd on that day. That gave me ample angles to snap photos without much distractions. T…

Winter in Xian - Terracotta Warriors & Horses

It has been my wife's dream to visit "The Silk Road" in China where the ancient traders used to ply and where Buddhism was first preached. I had planned this trip for some years and decided that it would be much cheaper to travel on our own instead of joining the tour. It was so relaxing and hassle-free. We started off with the ancient capital of Xian which is in the Shaanxi Province. Next year onwards, we hope to visit other towns along "The Silk Road" like Dunhuang, Urumqi, Inner Mongolia and others.
It was our first time flying a Chinese plane as it was the cheapest and only airlines to reach Xian with stopover in Guangzhou. The KL-Guangzhou's plane was only a 737! Goodness, my balls! All others were Airbus, so okay, free-balls! Their snack food were served in paper boxes with an orange inside! LOL. Dinner meals were proper and complete in typical trays. I saw with my own eyes how those stewardess were very rude to China's passengers! It seemed to b…

Singapore Reunion

It was a quick and meaningful trip to Singapore last weekend for my wife's "Classmates Reunion" after not seeing them for 2 decades. I took this opportunity to meet my cousins and a long time blogger Ken whom I had never met before. He has since quit blogging after the birth of his 2 beautiful kids. I had to notify everyone in Singapore that I was visiting as I knew that FACEBOOK would expose me and no way to hide myself.

I stayed in a hotel along Bencoolen Street which is just next to Orchard and Bugis areas. The above colonial house was located near my hotel and I love their idea of planting fresh green pandan leaves all around that office. It was so fragrant as I walked pass the place.

Our schedule was packed and hectic for 2 days meeting different groups for lunch, tea and dinner. I sure sounded like a VIP. We found time to hop into my favourite Bugis Junction which has a similar shopping concept like what I saw in Osaka where they have glass roof sheltering all the…