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Happy Birthday To Me

Yo! Tomorrow is my blog's 4th Anniversary! I better announce it today otherwise no one will send flowers & wish me tomorrow cos many bloggers will not log in on Saturdays! It has been a 1460 days since my blog was born BUT I have only posted 218 times! This is a big shame compared to blogger Thambee SK.He is a world class blogger who never fails to blog in 2 languages to please his thousands of humans & 1 pussy cat - readers from Malaysia, Hong Kong & India. His great effort has paid off as so many readers have inhaled his SK-Blogvirus and have to spam comments daily until it went haywire. Now his revolutionary blog has become a Chat-Room instead!

How did I know about Blogs? It was my former office colleague Blogger Lifebook who introduced me. From him, I went on to read the other interesting blogs belonging to SK-0617,Medie007, Five Elements Of My Life, Will I Am and many others. The 4 are still actively around whilst the others have evaporated into thin air. I have fo…

I Am Moving House

I have been living in in this area for over 10 years and I want a change so badly! I have both good and very weird neighbours who love to gossip. When one neighbour heard that I was going to climb Mount Kinabalu 2 years ago, news spread like wildfire till the houses on my right and back rows knew about it. Further up behind, you will find a big round and nice auspicious Feng-Shui enhanced house of Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin (SP Setia Group) and next 2 roads away is Dato Seri Chan Kong Choy's house! Sounds so glam??? No, my house is just a miserable old one that measures only 24' X 100' and has inner courtyard! Those are very old antique houses that have courtyards where you could dry your laundry or create indoor gardens. My house is a multi leveled 2 1/2 storey type with high extremely high ceilings! My bedroom's attached bathroom has a ceiling that measures up to 20 feet! 
Recently, I had a shock of my life when aliens started attacking my house. My tummy turned upside down…

Are Malaysians Really Rude?

Horrors!! I read the front page of The Star newspaper and had a big shock that Reader's Digest rated our country at the lowest level AGAIN! 6 years ago we ranked 33 out of 35 major cities in the world for being 'Ugly Behaved'. NOW we are worst off and dropped to 34 out of 36. Something is seriously wrong and I cannot deny this that I do see ill mannered and weird people everywhere. Some are locals and many are FOREIGN IMMIGRANTS too! Could the Reader's Digest simply conduct the survey by pin pointing the nasty people and assume that they are all Malaysians? I doubt about its accuracy somewhere.

I do know that Mat Rempits are new horrible road menace that endanger other lives on the road!! There are plenty in our capital city and the police have been arresting them to no end. They breed and grow by the numbers so fast.

I get stucked in traffic jams everyday and I do see reckless drivers who cut in & out of the lanes. My colleagues do that all the time and laughed at …

Osaka Bay Area - Tempozan

We had so much fun visiting Tempozan area which is a newly redeveloped part of the Osaka Bay. It has much tourist attractions being located next to each other by the sea. We used our 2-Day Unlimited Pass and enjoyed all the attractions for FREE. They have the world's largest Osaka Ferris Wheel, Suntori Museum, Osaka Aquarium and Boat Cruise on board the ancient "Santa Maria" ship. The weather was perfectly cool and cloudy that afternoon. I loved it.

We rode the Ferris Wheel first, to enjoy the spectacular view and breathe the cool Spring's air. The higher we went, the tighter we squeezed! We could see the entire view of the Osaka's Bay Area with bridges across. It was quiet as we chose to visit on a weekday. The weekends are still packed with local tourists instead from neighboring cities. The foreign tourist arrivals have dropped significantly since the big earthquake and nuclear leakage. Some souvenir shops there hung the signs - "OSAKA 100% RADIATION FREE!…

Welcome to Universal Studios - Osaka, Japan

The Universal Studios (Universal Pictures) was founded in the year 1912 by Carl Laemmie and is the second oldest movie studios in the world. I visited the Universal Studios Hollywood during the 90s as a student and the fondest memories there has lived vividly in my head till now. I truly enjoyed that place more than any Disneyland or Amusement Parks as that place is very entertaining for both the young and adults. Overall, I also enjoyed the Universal Studios the most, amongst all the lovely and exciting attractions in Japan. So please do not miss it when you visit Osaka.
The weather that morning was lovely and cool in Spring. We forced ourselves to reach JR Universal City station before the opening hours at 9:00am as we had checked out from the hotel enroute to Kyoto, so we carted along so many big luggages! We wanted to be early to grab their lockers to keep our luggage so that we could just collect them at night and head to Kyoto easily. Goodness, many people were even earlier …

I Am Going To Watch Drum Tao!!!

Hip! Hip! Hooray! I have rounded my Gang Of 10 who visited Japan to watch the Drum Tao together on 25th August 2012.
When fellow bloggers posted about DRUM TAO's performance coming to Malaysia, my heart sprang up with joy. I screamed that I MUST GO & WATCH IT no matter how much it costs! Dang!... We have got our tickets and now I will also share this fantastic show, okay!
During my recent trip to Japan, we were trying hard to watch this world famous DRUM TAO performance which has received highest audience support in 17 countries to date but there was no such performance available in Osaka! Even their popular Kabuki Dance Drama was also not in season and we watched nothing!
So hope you won't miss this chance to watch it in Kuala Lumpur!

Mark your calendar and bring your family to watch the most innovative and exciting Japanese performers beat their Wadaiko Drums that will thrill you non stop. There will be 2 days for this performance - Friday 24th August 2012 (8.00pm) and …