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KYOTO - Kiyomizudera Temple & Beautiful Geishas

I have just updated some photos this morning...

I have not finished blogging my Osaka photos yet but I am fast forwarding to Kyoto. I counted myself as very fortunate that I managed to see so many Geishas in real persons! We stayed in a 4 Star posh Royal Kyoto Hotel &Spa in the heart of downtown which costs us only RM200 a night during their very special promotions. For best deals, we need to book many months ahead.
We took a train to the station nearest to Kiyomizudera Temple and it was a very tough walk for us to climb up a long steep slope that got steeper & steeper as we got closer to the destination. This big temple is located on the rolling hills which overlooks Kyoto. One fat & rich DJ friend joined us later by taking a taxi which dropped him & his family right at the steps of the temple. How nice! I lost kilos of weight by walking whereas he gained lots of weight by taking taxis everywhere!

The wooden shops along the way are very old and traditional with the pre…

Day 1 - Osaka Castle

I also visited Osaka Castle on the first day. It looks beautiful and prominent to be located in the middle of Osaka City with lush greenery and water surroundings. It was a long slow walk of 20 mins from the train station to reach this amazing old castle. The weather was very cool in mid Spring, so our mood were all jovial and happily chirping like birds.

There is water all around the castle like any other typical castles or the Forbidden City in China, to keep enemies and predators at bay. There were big orange Koi fishes swimming around too.

I had to walk like miles to reach the main entrance! That was how huge the castle's compound is, with a land area measuring some 60,000sq.meters !!

 Yo! I reached the entrance at long last!

My honey was excited and started 'planking' again by the river! She could have rolled down into the river like a big Koi Fish! In case you do not know, 'Planking Photos' is a new trend these days with youngsters or weirdos who would lie flat l…

Osaka Day 1 - Shitennoji Temple

I am sorry it took me ages to upload my Japan trip's photos to share as we all shot over 2,000 photos in total! Japan is the best country I have ever visited in my life as their history, environment, people and amazing culture is indeed very rich and truly unique. I will hopefully be visiting again soon as we only spent less than RM2,500 each for entire 8 days trip to Osaka, Kyoto and Nara!! Seeing is Believing!
Yes, that was LESS THAN RM2,500 instead of forking out over RM8,000 to join our specialized "Apple-Orange" Tour Agency! My expenses included return air-ticket, all the hotels, train rides, 3 daily meals and multiple baths at Hot-Springs! We all shopped like crazy women broke loose from Hell and that is additional expenses. Their country's tourism has dipped badly due to the earthquake & Sendai's disaster which drove most hotel operators to offer rock bottom rates at 70-80% discounts which was less than RM200 per night for comfortable 3-4 STAR hotels, n…