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My New Year 2012

I apologize to my dear readers for my long silence again. What excuses should I give this time?

I better be honest to say that my lifestyle has changed in 2011 since the day both my aged parents moved to stay in the city. They need to live near us, so that we could help them to run errands and take them for doctor visits. I am happy to be able to care for them, now that they are living in twilight years. I thought I could manage well with my only brother around as my only sister lives in London. Hell no, my idiot brother is more or less living in Bangkok every week running his business. So I am left alone to manage all their weekly doctor visits, besides having to collect medicines to replenish their stock like almost twice a week. That is the amount of medicine in total both my aged parents are consuming. How sad for them. I wish they were just eating M&M sweets!

I had never visited hospitals so often in my life like now and this is scary to me. I keep telling myself that we must e…