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The Importance Of Friendship

I saw this article inside The Star (24/12) newspaper on Christmas Eve. They interviewed 2 old friends and one happens to be my good old friend too. Their story made me think about how beautiful a real friendship can be and how important it really is to our lives! We all need good friends who can share our tears & joy besides giving us the pillar supports and words of kind encouragement. They should accept me as I am without any conditions.
"We also say at times, ‘This world is so mean’, then how come there are few people who are ready to take all your sorrows and are always there for you when you need them. I can say this because I have been gifted with such a beautiful gift called “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” in my life....."

Recipe For Leadership - This is about Helen & Abby who were classmates from a Convent School in Ipoh who met up again after one had failed marriage and the other had spent many years living in London & Hong Kong.

Gift Of Friendship - They met up again at…

The Art Of Multitasking

I went to have lunch at the famous Uptown's Village Park where Tun M, Jib Kor, Botox Queen & a host of celebrities have eaten their world's best Nasi Lemak spread. It was so packed like sardines so we shared table with a young couple. They really stunned me with their multitasking business while eating their Christmas Day lunch.

Both of them ate their plate fulls of Nasi Lemak while Facebooking and YouTubing at the same time. They still engaged in non stop conversations and taking photos!

That's not all, they took turns to cradle & hug the new born baby!! I was so impressed and thought of my fellow hamsap bloggers who often bragged about their abilities!

I have always been hearing from fellow blogger friends who are experts in "Multitasking" anywhere be in at home, in the office, toilet or even while  Grrrrr...Grrrr... on the bed!

Corporate Taiping Office:
- First Sip Blogging, Drink coffee, Check Emails, Watsap, Blog Spamming and take Telephone Calls!

I Hate Dentists No More

It has been 10 years since the last time I went to a dentist. Earlier, I had developed a terrible phobia since childhood towards the extreme pain caused my those govt clinic's dental nurses. I swore that I would let my teeth rot and drop off by themselves rather than get drilled by them!

Well recently my wife hypnotized me to discard away some bad habits from my subs conscious. Not knowing that the process actually managed to successfully stop my snacking habits and even my lifelong phobia towards dentists! Voila!

A student friend who just enrolled to the dental school explained to me that they are always desperate to look for patients for their 4th Year practical otherwise they would not be able to graduate. Anay just pitied them and remembered my uncle who died in Bangkok & pledged to donate his body to the medical students at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok. I have blogged it HERE. So I am doing some charity too!

It has been many weeks when I would go to the torture chamber at …

The Great Mosque of Xi'an

On the freezing late afternoon, we walked into the famous Great Mosque of Xi'an at last. We were very stunned and speechless to see its very ancient Chinese architecture instead. It does not have any domes or minarets at all. The whole walled complex of 13,000 sq meters was so well preserved, neat and beautifully landscaped with so many artistic arches and 4 big landscaped courtyards. I took over 100 exciting photos here but will only post some 20+ nice shots.

The mosque was built in the year 742 A.D.during the Tang Dynasty and it was restored over the years with many ancient furnitures and buildings being added on from the period of Ming until Qing Dynasties.

  It is simply awesome to admire them when cold teperature always made Anay's mood very HAPPY.

 They were so many layers of arches and doors to explore........

......... and so many interesting corners to camwhore!

I simply loved this corner as the buildings were so greyish and tranquil looking!

 Anay surely had to pose…

The Streets Of Xian

This is my 2nd last post about my happy Xian trip. Follow me to tour along the Chinese Muslim streets in Xian where they sold many interesting native products and food. I loved the ancient looking shops there with all the Chinese carvings on their beams. We found that most of the Muslims in Xian are most good looking with their mixed features and have very polite manners. I read up some facts that there are over 20 million Muslims in China.

We started walking from here on the way to see the beautiful "Great Mosque".

We passed all the Muslim shops and restaurants which were run by Chinese Muslims. Their food was interesting and delicious!

This street is a must to visit, for all visitors to Xian. Everything is very much cheaper compared to the street markets in Taiwan or Hong Kong.

Anay posed outside the most famous dumpling shop in the whole of China. We went in there to have our dinner.

They sold very colourful stuffed decorations made of cloths with good luck charms and gre…