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Pray For Thailand

We all have been saddened by the long flood disaster that has hit Bangkok today. While the water level has dropped significantly in Ayutthaya, the woes in the city of Bangkok remains unsolved. Their Loy Krathong festival has just ended and the Thais were still in the festive mood to place their wishes onto the flower floats down the water everywhere! They did not have to gather at the big rivers or klongs (canal) at all.

Some Thais are angry at the prolonged disaster and blamed the Red Shirts instead besides their weak government as reported in news. I asked a Thai lady the reasons the Red Shirts were being blamed? She pointed out that the Red Shirts had earlier on collected many bags of their own real blood and smeared them around the city including splashing outside ex-PM Abhisit's house at Sukhumvit area. They said their uttered curse was grossly horrible and had brought this disaster in return, as expected to their folklore beliefs. So better not curse anyone as they might work…

My 18 Hole Experience

A thousand apologies for disappearing from this blogsphere for so many weeks! I was caught up with my work which was the toughest stint I ever had done in my entire life. I hated every minute of it as I suffered so terribly from tremendous pressure, lack of sleep and no rest with countless skipped meals. Today I have lost over 5 kgs and have been burnt by the sun till I look like OREO cookies!

My company was being roped in at the 11th hour to handle the whole A&P for the recent international golf championship which was being sponsored by our leading bank. We had never done any jobs of that size and amount, not mentioning within 3 weeks!!!

Their other supplier was being dismissed at a very last minute and we went in, not realising it was so scary and life threatening to me. I had sleepless nights and often slept in their clubhouse's sofa or inside my car! I had nightmares when I slept thinking that things went awry and wrong. My whole life turned upside down for once and I wished…