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A Lonely Dinner

I have a cousin's wife who often throws lavish parties here and I am always the top in her must-invite guest list for my filthy mouthed and racy jokes. I didn't know that it pays to be a gossiper and jester at dinners. She would often have home cooked dinners at home in TTDI complete with finger food, appetizers and main courses served in matching napkins, Noritake Chinas, Euro-cutlery sets and even door gifts!!
Otherwise she would often host at Shangri-la Hotel's Chinese restaurant. Her late grandpa was Penang's philanthropist and tycoon who was better known as the head of Malaya's Chinese Chamber during the Japanese occupation. So generosity and charity still runs in their generations till today.

She changed her last venue to a somber place in KL city which I had never stepped foot upon. A long table was being reserved that evening and I promptly got dressed in my sluttish outfit that night. I drove to town and it was raining in the chaotic traffic along Jalan Sul…

Driving Pleasures

How many of you out there suffers like me on the road? On typical days, I have to drive a minimum of 74 kilometers daily to work and back home. Somedays I clocked over 150km by just running around Klang Valley like a headless dog in massive jams and stressed city. That's my job and it's no bed of roses dei..

My faithful Blaupunkt 5-CDs stereo set died a few years ago and my music sensed also died along. I went around to ask shops to repair and the sales crooks merely tried to lure me to get a new set. They told me craps like it was tough to find repair experts and need to ship it to Hildesheim, Germany!! Blah~Blah~Blah! What the fuck man?

I was patient and started meditating in traffic jams instead or listened to silly radio stations which blared noisy commercials and talked shits that I loathed to hear. After 3 painful years, I nearly turned bonkers and lunatic on the road stressing my head daily in massive traffic jams! The taxes and tolls we pay will never solve the traffic …

Smelling Good

OooLaLa! I have strong penchant and cravings for anything that smells good be it food, babies or flowers. Using perfumes, colognes and aromatherapy have been my personal culture ever since I could earn my first dollar. My cars, toilets and even staircase are lined with fragrance to make the unwanted spirits giddy and stay away! Who says boys don't like perfumes? The fragrance of many perfumes are so sexy and could boost up my confidence in any required manner. I am sure you would agree and feel the same.

I have been buying them over the years from airport's retail shop promotions or warehouse sales where you could get the best bargains or at throw away prices! Just pay a song to smell good, why not?

I line my fragrance bottles on the dressing table according to the days and re-arrange them when my mood swings. To start my Monday blues right, I must use Ralph Lauren's Blue collection! It is so masculine and sweet to iron all my blues away.

I am a firm believer that the right f…

Cycling Hotties

It was 7:00am when the world was still asleep and my gang of cycling hotties were all geared up to shoot off from Putrajaya.

Can you spot me inside the group? So blurr kan and I must be the tallest one, right?

Damn it, I took this photo so I was not there. My groin hurts so I became their support car! This role is extremely important and you will know why.

These 3 hunks with really hard solid bodies and asses could cycle faster than a panther on prowl. This hobby is very healthy and expensive for them. In my gangs, their average racing bikes cost anything from RM3,000 up to RM40,000~!!! So bloody expensive man!

There were only 2 female cyclists. One is a familiar blogger Michi and the other is a Grandma... not me okei. I am talking about a real Grandma who squats in the loo.

This man looks Cool. He must be a cut and shaven. I mean his head lah.

After 60 km cycling, there was a confusion at Port Dickson. These dick heads could not find the shop for our breakfast. Niaamah, bad navigation and …

A Surprise Gift For Me

I often envied some bloggers like William who boasted about their besties who shared so much happiness with them. Today I need to brag my own bestie ~ Jonathan who is a Sibu born stud. After some 10 years lapsed, we managed to contact again and yakked on the phone for many hours like gossip girls.

Both our phone bills hit the ceilings until blogger TZ had to shake his head and blogged about Grandma doing his oral exercise! Ha ha... I was piss-flattered and please read his POST HERE.

So 2 weeks ago, Jonathan went to Taiwan for 10 days and I was bored to death by the sudden change and silence! I didn't realise that Jonathan was getting restless too for not being able to yak with me coz I was using a simple lousy 2-SIM card phone. He could not call me via skype!

While he was in Taipei, he sprang into action and informed me that he has bought me a gift which would be couriered to me! How sweet! I had no slightest idea what the gift could be even though I had visited Taiwan many times. I …