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Happy Chinese New Year!

It has been a very hectic week for me. I was running all over the place to get things done. I am glad I finished everything till early this morning to buy big bunches of flowers for my altar! I have bought enough cookies to be distributed to a long list of loved ones including my neighbours!!

I have also decorated my whole house to the maximum with huge lanterns, mei-hua flowers, long banners, auspicious signs and everything to welcome the God Of Wealth!

At this time, we should not forget the less fortunate ones. My fellow friends have chipped in thousands of ringgits to help this poor orphanage which was in desperate need for daily provisions. We piled food and special needs onto trolleys at hypermarket the night before. It was a touching moment to see the happy faces of the orphans.

Many angpows were being distributed to all the excited kids. My heart ached instead to see their joyous faces and screams of laughter. I am thankful for what I have today. I hope you will also be happy and …