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Breakfast WIth VVIP

How are you guys keeping there? I have been drinking so much, 2 nights in a row. First night was with clients from the leading electrical brands at the opening of a local pub in PJ. It was free flow of beer with lots of crispiest roasted pork and grilled lamb complete with special chef's mint sauce and frills. They even had live performance on stage by 2 almost nude bimbo dancers to thrill the drunkards. So Sickening!!

Last night was another stint with my mother-in-law who was hosting a dinner to commemorate her new house warming. She oddly threw the dinner at a restaurant instead and started pouring beer for the guests. Her drinking bouts got her mood frenzy and she challenged me, one glass after another, all bottoms up. The drinking spree continued on to her new home where she pulled out her karaoke mikes to croon her old Chinese oldies. More beer flowed and she stuck the wrong cord by belittling my drinking ability. Oh my hell, I went into trance with her and we created such a n…

A Memorable Wedding

I don't really enjoy attending weddings these days and I guess I had too much of them from young. My paternal grandpa had 3 wives and 17 children with 58 grandchildren in total. I being the younger generation had to attend nearly all the weddings of my cousins since the day I could open my mouth to eat. It was fun when we are still kids as we do not need to know what is 'ang-pow' for.

Now that I am a working adult, I have been giving them out often, so I feel the pocket pain and value of red-packet gifts. This month alone will have 3 weddings and my pocket will be burnt along with Christmas around too.

Last night, I had to attend my younger boss' wedding! Yeah he's such a young boss in his 30s and tied the knot with a sweet bride from Penang, my hometown!

I must say that it was a unique wedding and I truly enjoyed the surprises. They had such a huge size wall for the guests to sign their wishes. That night saw all the prominent VVIPs, Politicians, Pak Datos, Mak Dati…

The Guts To Invest

I was very elated and sang like a lark since I embarked into my new job pastures as blogged earlier. I managed to sell 5 houses and 1 factory, alone single handedly by my own sweat. It was no easy feat at all, knowing that all the fussy buyers were merely cash rich investors only, so making them to sign their cheque books required some Grandma's sweet talking crappy skills and curry spices to convince them to the fullest details. My Alphard boss was happier of course, as my original job isn't selling his properties at all. Now he will probably rope me in to prepare for their next coming tender for the biggest ever residential development project in the North. Yay!

When I get to smell my small cash rewards next year, I plan to fly off for a long vacation somewhere exotic and eye opening. Guess where?? I am dreaming of riding the hunched camels in the Gobi Desert along the China's historical Silk Road, besides visiting the ancient terracotas of Xian and watch the merry folk …

My Winter Holidays

Where are you guys going for your Winter vacation?
Last Winter , I went skiing and ice sledging in the mountains of Korea. Remember how I met the Korean celebrity on the plane? I really had whale of a great time with my friends during that trip.
Guess where I have planned for my Winter holidays next month?

I have booked a trip to go hiking in the alps of Borneo Island on Christmas Eve! I have started my rigorous training daily by taking long walks from 5km till 10km. I also went back to my condo and ran up and down 22 floors besides taking big strides like 3-4 steps per climb. My groins and knees are aching and killing me now.

FACTS You Need To Know!!!
- Mount Kinabalu is the tallest in SE Asia @ 4,101 metres (13,455 feet)
- Accorded UNESCO World Heritage status

- You get to see 4,500 species of plant, 326 species of birds and 100 species of mammalian species besides Orang Utans
- The world's largest flower Rafflesia is there

- Mount Kinabalu is closer to heavens compared to Kuala L…

Here I Am

I have recently embarked into greener pastures after a total of some 10 grueling years working with a Hongkie tyrant. It was a blessed opportunity that he managed to bring the entire brood to tour inside Hong Kong's TVB studios at Clearwater Bay and watch the real movie makings in action. Thanks to him for all the connections he had, including a Chinese Godfather residing in Long Island, NY.

I have been keeping tight lipped about my career's advancement until I heard a fresh rumour today from a reporter from Chinese-Press. He heard that I have teamed up with a bitch to set up our own firm. Oh no, I better post into this blog some truths before the twisted news get mangled further.

Well, I have several bosses today in this fleet of companies where 2 of them have to be addressed as YBs. It has been a real eye opener for me with their style of work and pace. New paths are mapped out and fresh venues are graced. Prior to this, I never had meetings at flight departure lounges, inside…

Around Penang Island In 88 km

I consider myself as fortunate to grow up in Penang Island which is truly a unique haven. It has exotic landscapes, yummylicious hawker food, Legolas Beh Teh Saw, heritage buildings and nicest people like ME! Agree? (blek! blek! blek!)

I plan to retire and spend my last Twilight years, back to Penang of course! I have found the ocean front condo which I have eyed with a lovely balcony to laze on my rocking chair and watch the golden sunset everyday. You can just do the same and be my neighbour too.
No wonder Penang was voted as the "2nd Must Visit Destination" in the world by NEW YORK TIMES!

Recently, I joined the entourage of an elite group of KL cyclists to Penang for their crazee event to cycle around the island - 88 KILOMETRES of uphills, down slopes and through deadly terrains.

At 7:00am sharp, over 2000 hotties clad in their tightest biker shorts were flagged off from my favourite Municipal Council's Building at Fort Cornwallis.

They came in all sizes and colourful shap…

Krispy Wormee Ala' Chiengmai

All my life, my mum has been giving me multiple heart attacks and goose bumps with her shocking Siamese tales and bizzare Thai foodies. In her native Thailand, they eat almost anything that moves, flies, clings or crawls. She taught me the ways to identify the origins of the Thai cookings or dishes. A simple example ~ Chiengmai food often looked messy and leafy. Southern food is usually sour and maybe too spicy. Insects like bugs, grasshoppers and ants eggs are from remote towns. On my trip home last weekend, she gave me a box of tidbits and I fainted on the spot. She got them from Chiengmai, of course! So I shared with few hotties who came over to my home. They loved it so much and camwhored. Let's see who makes the best advertisement for this Thai Food.

Hottie A

Hottie B

Hottie C

Hottie D EEeeeeWWWWW!!!! They loved to eat them all..

Tai Kam Koong

On the recent 10.10.10 day, I saw many wedding invitations flying across and I managed to attend just 2, at a wee hour registration and the other a night banquet. Without much choice, I was assigned to be the photographer for the 7.00am session when my photography is self-rated as hopeless. Hey, I studied a photography subject in States but had been hiring professionals to get my job done. That's how agencies work, yeah...

Last night, I watched my favourite gossip E! Channel over Astro and they ran again the fantabulous wedding of the Mittal's Steel heiress.

Her lavish wedding was believed to be the most expensive in the world costing a whopping US$60 MILLION! They hired Kylie Minogue and Shah Rukh Khan to perform too. I had seen their huge mansion perching at the posh end of London's Mayfair, so $60 million is nothing to them. Imagine, how this money might help feed and house the millions of slum dwellers in India or Africa. None of my business anyway.

I had attended many cl…