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Where Got Ghost?

Wahahahahahahahahaha!! Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Muahahahaha-hahahaha!
The patrons were all roaring with laughter inside the cinema over the Hokkien antics and slang. When the laughter died down, only Michi was still laughing loudly alone. Sure the patrons turned around to check whether it was a real Pontianak laughing!

It has been a long-long time since the last time I watched a movie. I always loved Jack Neo's movies esp the Liang Por-Por character. 

I always hated to queue up the long beeline at cinemas smelling the filthy hair of the guys or bimbos in front of me. That is the price to pay when you tower behind them. If I am shorter, probably I would smell their B.O. neck, whatever!! Every part smells like those China migrants as claimed by Anton. Blek!
So I got myself a FREE credit card from GSC/EON Bank at last, after much frustrations. Hail Mary, the card came with so many benefits, benefits & more benefits!!!! Just look here.
It is FREE from annual fees…

Grandma's Hall Of Fame (Part 2)

This is gonna be my final part of my opinion on bloggers. I'm only posting the earlier ones I encountered and the other newbies will come in my Part 3, many moons later. 
Take no offense, grandma only speaks the truth! If you can't take it, to the hell with you!  LOL.. ke ke ke ke...

This fella has so much similarity with me like my own mirror. His vulgarity, gym membership and even dwelling vicinity was so identical. Only our gender is different lah. He is a male and I am a Grandma! Ha ha ha...
I have some relatives who are still in the Bangkok show biz and modeling scene, so this guy keeps me posted. However, I find him rather weird, he never comments in Malaysian blogs! Worse, he doesn't reply comments! I know he will read this and might put my photo inside the next time his Mai-Yu pounds the "Som Tam" salad! Muahahaha!
This Indon guy was my silent reader and he amused me with his thoughts as I don't have Indon friends so far. I thought he was a kiasu tourist, …

Grandma's Hall Of Fame (Part 1)

I started this blog since July 2008 and my year old anniversary has passed without realization. I was too busy at work and shifting house lah. Let me tell you a bit about my blogging stuffs and history.
Please remember that BLOGS are mere illusions and you will be surprised that the real personality self of the bloggers are so different. Some looked like real monkeys with foul breaths when they actually posted their Tom Cruised faces in the blogs! I am what you see and hear in this blog, maybe worse in reality. Ask Anton and the rest who have *faint* spells after seeing me. LOL
I started getting involved with a Blog Forum in a Bangkok online newspaper by accident while looking up some news about my Thai actress niece. The forum is a crazy site which is still active till now with mostly foreigners vs Thais in a war of words. Of course I excelled in the blog wars BUT got banned eventually along with some foreigners for bitching against a Thai ex-prostitute. She was bitching against the &q…

I Wanna To Ski Again

I used to live near the famous Carnegie Mellon University where each winter, it snowed heavily under the temp of freezing -20 degrees! Those were really brutal winters and I miraculously survived somehow! My Korean and Japanese housemates would go skiing each winter on the high mountain alps in Pennsylvania and sometimes in Upstate New York, not too faraway from Niagara Falls.

The Koreans were champion skiers and could do the trick hands-free down the mountain slopes. I had to use my granny's tongkat but still fell many times and hurt my ass badly. It was really dangerous to ski from steep slopes as anyone could crash into the creek and mampus!
I loved the powdery snow very much and that was over 10 yearsssss ago!
So I thought I should bring Cinderella to play snow since she had never seen snow falling from the heavenly skies. We could build snowman together and perhaps bring along Gula Melaka to make Ais Kacang! I will try to build many snowmen and decorate them to look like some…

No.98 Krabi Road, Phuket

It had been my lifetime dream to visit the ancestral home where my parents got married in Phuket some 50 years ago. My grandpa who was the CPO in Phuket then, was also the CPO in Krabi prior to that, where both towns come under the county of Nakhon Si Thammarat. 
I have taken the trouble to dig out many wedding albums of my parents but I am too lazy to scan them all. So I am posting just 4 will do lah.

The above photo shows my dashing father and mum being flanked by my Grandpa and Grandma. Do I look like my grandma? LMAO! My parents wedding was held at No.98 Krabi Road, Phuket where it has become a museum today. It houses the finest antique collections from China and this mansion belongs to my great uncle who was then, the wealthiest tin miner in Phuket. Their family alone has 3 huge mansions where I heard tin ore was later found in the lawn of one of the houses!

My grandpa was taking a puff outside the mansion with my parents and grandma behind.

At the wedding reception, here my parents w…