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Inside My Closet

Recently, SK shared with us his interesting food grubs and adorable toys inside his drawers and I shared my under wears in return. Now Keenyee has shocked the blog world with his alcoholic spree Chivas botol in his office drawer! OMG that danced my eyebrows for many seconds to hear this first class camwhore aunty is also a mabuk kaki botol. Oh I really like his weird personality and imagined him running in marathons with a bottle of Chivas! LOL.. Ha ha ha.
Now let me show you my closet, nothing great to brag except that my taste has changed over the years. During college days, I used to buy shirts from Ralph Lauren & Christian Dior factory outlets in New York suburbs coz they were dirt cheap and I merely aped the Koreans friends who had stereotype dressings.

When KL Fashion Week started getting hot in KL, I got invitations from Malaysian celebrity designers like William Liew, Daniel Cho and Jonathan Cheng to watch their shows many times until I learnt something new and discovered my…

So Sad & So Cruel (Part 1)

I was sick with flu due the haze and blazing sun which was understandable.  Just when I am almost fully recovered, I fell sick again today due to 2 emails forwarded to me.

ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!! I wanna be a vegetarian after reading them in utter shock and disbelief. I have visited China several times and look forward to visit Silk Road this year end. Now I may cancel it.

ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!! I often heard tales of mainlanders eating human flesh cooked in exotic gourmet dishes and the famous Siew Pau dumpling. I heard those who cut the thighs of the corpses in the morgue had been shot dead in the firing squad.
Now this story is another new one which took me so many hours to brave myself to post the photos one by one. My colleague scolded the HELL out of me for forwarding it to his email with the title - URGENT NEW BUSINESS! Your attention appreciated.
I have no guts to type the captions but I will give the summary in case you have not received this circulated email. There is a vil…