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Theft at Starbarks

Our dear kopi addict TZ who is also the Starbark's honorary ambassador would patronize all the outlets like his 2nd home. I wonder if he has ever seen any untoward shoplifting happening there? I hope TZ would chain his lappie, baby cam and tool bag to his pants as a safety measure. We don't wanna hear TZ crying over any loss!
I always have phobia for pick pockets and have this habit to put my hands over my wallet's pocket when I walked in crowded areas. I have witnessed cases of snatch thieves grabbing unsuspecting victims' handbags along the street. It happened so fast and numbed the witnesses from giving a chase or scream. Usually the victims were ladies and I wonder if men would someday become favourite targets too. 
Do take care of our mum, sisters and female colleagues when out on the streets. I tend to shield them or ask them to walk along the pavements instead and hug their bags real tight.
Cinderella has booked a holiday trip to a surprise destination and Twilight…

My Story Of Cinderella

I have just posted about “To Abuse or Be Abused” for which I am deadly against beings making other beings suffer the life they don’t deserve. I just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire which gave me lumps in my throat about further unknown human abuses in this samsara. Often we could just gasped and stare helplessly for fear of being victimized as well. We live in an environment where terror could strike any minute, anywhere!
Since our kiddo days, we were read about the Fairy Tales of make believes to thrill our imaginations or rather being fooled by nonsensical stuffs that prompted me to fly like Peter Pan or got bashed by my own brother to remake Tom & Jerry. I always ended up with bruises which are sweet memories today.
Never in my wildest dream that someday I would really meet up with Cinderella of yellow skins. Perhaps the Disney’s Cinderella never suffered as much as this one. A gal who was born into a humble family which made a living by brewing coffee and snack meals by th…

To Abuse or Be Abused

When Grandma meets up blardy folks at gatherings, my eyes would often popped out with dropped jaws. So many hot & shocking gossips about maids who got abused or were abusive. Lately so many YouTube emails have circulated showing how the maid abused the employer's child, without suspecting the hidden cameras capturing.
I have seen excellent maids who could dish out delicious gourmet food of international standards and at same time, kept the master's house tidy like a 5 Star hotel, spick and span. I had seen my own brother's lazy maid who took naps on his luxury Macy's Sofa at 11:00am with a hand still holding a dusty broom and the other hand inside her panties. Dunno what Si-Ham or Lucky Dip she was looking for. She never guessed that I had to enter the house in the morning to collect documents.
Case 1 : My friend's poor son was being slapped by the maid for being mischievous and noisy! Oh kids are kids and the maid went to jail & slapped with a fine for many …

Horrible Beings

Lately I have been thinking on how horrible humans could be for raping, murdering and robbing helpless beings. Willy's BF got mugged in JB, my assistant got beaten up & robbed by Mat Rempits at 6:45am outside Secret Recipe, Pregnant Women being robbed & killed as reported and the old case of air stewardess Canny Ong being raped, murdered & torched! Seems no where is safe for anyone be it males or females.

I have been too cautious that when I walked on the streets, my eyes would scan the whole street for any would be robber or even stalker. I am going to buy a tongkat or cricket bat to place inside my car so that I could fight those who are armed with parangs. You guys ought to safeguard too and warn our mothers, sisters or even female colleagues to be extremely careful as the bad sliding economy would only hatch more deadly robbers overnight. Sadly only 1 type of race seems to be the main culprits as reported.
A prisoner being led out for his caning.

I often despise those…

Eleventh Hour

I hate it SO MUCH coz every year it has been same rush rush routine and Malaysians have been blamed for having this blardy habot of last minutes. SO what? I like to dilly dally till pressure mounts up. What is wrong with us guys? The coffin's lid would be shut at 12 midnight sharp and yet you could still see a stream of mourners rushing up the steps to drop their paper lies.
The police were everywhere as it there were gold bars and this orange man was still at the counter shaking his kondek turban in confusing state. His name is obviously Confused Singh!
I swear again once more that next year I will submit my forms early! Can someone teach me how to do it faster? Better still how not to pay any cukai? Some friends never submitted and they are still safe!