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Twilight Birdies

I would ask TZ, "Have you seen white peacocks?" This dude has photographed hundreds of exotic animals from Zoo Negara till Sibu, right up to Uganda! He is indeed my own version of National Geographic photographer wannabes who has recently advanced to snapping pretty 2 legged birds as well. I bet TZ had never seen a white cock. LOL...!
My damn Sor-Hai friend Michael emailed to me and said that it would bring anyone good luck for seeing a white peacock. That reminds me of my growing years in Thailand where the folks believed in any myths that could bring luck and to strike numbers eventually. Thais are crazy punters for 4 digits and they also buy our 3 types of 4Ds weekly apart from their own gaming numbers. While Malaysia is Bolehland, we call Thailand as Mai Pen Rai (Never Mind).

Oh the Thais would round up all the white elephants to present to the King who would keep them in the private royal palace's zoo as they believe that the monarch's reign would prosper with the…

Bio-Twilight Face

I always wanted to be Leng Chai like Takeshi Kaneshiro and get myself upgraded to Willy Diary's Class A list. But it seems impossible coz I never bothered about my face! Then hor.... this Fable Frog once baptized Twilight as Grandma, supported by Anton. Next came LeuMao calling me God Pa. 

Gosh! I had to take a good look at the mirror to see my @#$% face! So Too-Lan with my looks that the mirror dropped itself on the floor. Then Jerry Kiat came along and called me Uncle Twinkle! His buddies also followed suit and I think koay-thau liao!
Wanna see how fugly I am, I won't mind sharing la. Just click on the right bar - My Photo.
So ngam, I received sms from Biotherm Ad in the mobile saying they were giving me a Trial Pack! I just sprang like a Tiger at the offer and flew to MV after work.

They put up a huge booth complete with "Aqua" series of products plus fish tank. I thought my face would look like their ugly fishes. Bluek!

Wasted no time, I got a CB Beautician who bitche…

Guess Whose House Is This?

The first fella who can guess the right owner of this fabulous mansion will win a box of imported chocolate specially from Twilight. I am serious!
My friend Derrick often emailed me private and sometimes gory photos like the inside tomb of Genting's Uncle Lim resting place which the photo actually came from London instead. Now the house below belongs to a prominent family which I happen to know, so it's alright to share the photos which is already leaked in the Paris internet. 

I dunno how to describe the shape of the facade. Inside this 3,000 square meter enclave you will find 9 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, 2 guest suites, a ballroom, a study, a game room, a swimming pool, 2 family halls, a private dining, public reception area and huge private and public parking bays.

The huge family hall overlooks the swimming pool with plenty of natural lighting.

The family kitchen which is so huge in sparkling white tones.

Swimming under the moonlight could be romantic and nice!

The house perc…

Twilight Kay Poh Chee

I guess you know the Hokkien meaning of Kay Poh Chee which means a Busybody. I know I am one and I wholeheartedly admit it. I am not sure about yourself, maybe you are worse than me. Like the man who peeped at LeuMas when he pee-pee, that is another Kay Poh Chee wanting to know his dick size. There are so many levels and grade for being a nosey fellow.
Let me show you my recent nosey stint yesterday so that you can rate my Nosey Level.
I went to a shop to buy 2 safety helmets bcos I often visited the construction sites and 1 small brick fell from the sky. It missed my head, else you would have to attend my funeral wake by now. Choi! Choi! .... So I went to buy 2 safety helmets which cost only RM13 each.
When I came out of the shop, I saw a huge crowd loitering and trying to focus on something. I must not miss it and being taller, I stood behind to watch too.

After standing idly for 15 mins, I could not figure out what the crowd was waiting for.

Half hour passed, I was still standing and di…

Expired Blogger

I think bloggers come in many categories and I've fallen to the ranks of "Expired Blogger" coz I am always late! SK Thamby puts me to shame always. Bah!
Well, the good side is that our economy is sliding downhill but my office workload has escalated. Don't believe me, you may ask Anton coz he often accompanied me as "online buddy". Oh dear, we have never even met but talked anything under the sun like old mates. Heeeee!
So the long weekend 2 weeks ago, Sam had a fun sleep over session while Cole was earlier being seduced by a pervert admirer at Market Place, I went home instead to Penang to visit my old parents - Dad being 81 years old and Mum is 79 years old. Let me update you about them since the last posting about Mum & Dad in December.
My Papa Twilight wants to go online again and to read blogs of RPK, Tun Mahathir and blah blah. Old dad is so forgetful that he cannot remember where's the ON/OFF buttons and many others. So he bought his latest Leno…

Twilight News 1

I had to visit Bukit Antarabangsa to check my client's completed project of "Built & Sell" homes which were completed long before the horrifying avalanche. As usual me, so kay poh and went ronda-ronda to comb every road many rounds until the policemen also looked at me suspiciously like a grave digger! I drove to the site, trembling a bit coz got few people died mah. The tinge of sadness was there as I could imagine how the dwellers of bungalow homes were jolted by the loud crash of earth boulders that fateful day. To stay in high rise is not safe but here landed homes also not safe pula.  They have quickly cleared the debris and cleaned the roads plus opening up alternative routes. I actually love this area coz it has thick virgin forest reserves with heavy mists and fogs every morning and night time or after rains. It is so heavenly to live in this refreshing sanctuary. Years ago, I nearly bought a studio unit condo from our client but didn't managed to. I thank …

Akan Datang! Twilight News

Everyday when I turn on my computer, I must check online all newspapers first. Aiyoh! Aiyoh! Whooa! Chehh! Chiibaiiii! That is my typical expressions. The news is full of craps and sickening news of political shit, gory murders and facking ah longs. Today politicians assembled under Pokok Hujan and tomorrow they might assemble under Pokok Pisang.
I am really tired of reading newspapers recently, makes my mood gloomy. Many moons ago, I worked for Cambodia Times and that was a hell place to be coz there were 28 Indians and 8 Chinese & Malays. So many back stabbers and bomb shellings apart from delayed news from Cambodia reaching us. Sometimes reporter kena bombed, sometimes wrong photos sent to us and all shit people made working life puked. So I quit in 30 days! I bade them all Chi-Bye!
Can you spot Twilight in the pix?  Of course not idiot, coz I took the photos!!
Last week I was invited to join the last batch of colleagues to visit the printing plant of Suratkhabar Bintang, our most …