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I Loved Hospitals

When I received Sherene's email with exotic hospital cafe photos, I was like feeling amused with its concept. I was thinking whether I could cough up the capital and ask Nase, Savante or Sbanboy to start one right here in KL and quit their jobs. No lah, just dreaming, I have no money now. It is okay to dream and it costs me nothing, right?? Just like Fable, we have this bermimpi-mimpi habit.
When I was a kid, I think visited the General Hospital in Penang & Thailand more than the playground coz I was always so damn sick. I was always having fever, flu and coughed for 100 days per session! All family doctor friends who treated me at their clinics also gave up! I was so frail and thin like a chocolate stick until the misi nurse was scared that wind could blow me off any minute. However, I managed to build my immune system after I started my primary schooling. Today, I am a 6 footer healthy twilight and shining like a star. Thanks to mum, she knows best. Thanks to the doctors, the…

Most Dangerous Airport

I'm always amused by the way our bloggers posted their stories in the net. So much lovely food and exotic traveling pixs with 360 degrees camwhoring poses. Twilight is so different because I gulped down the food when the food plate reached my nose. No time to even dig out my camera as I was often so hungry like ghost. We are so lucky to have multiple choices of menu each day esp in KL where too many eateries have sprouted up. I promise I will blog about food sometimes if not some might look at me like a Spooked Bomoh or Friends of the Pontianak blogger. I kena jaga my muka sikit lah.
In fact, I have got some glutton's food pixs taken at one popular cafe belonging to a Mr. Manhunt finalist. I swear that all his food is Heavenly GOOD! Famous faces hang out at his place too including not-so-famous faces like Twilight. You see, I am a very fussy food glutton, so when I said it's Good, you better believe me that it is fucking Best la! Yum! Yum! The owner has pestered me to post b…

Happy Monday Morning!

Today is beautiful Monday and the weather is wet and so gloomy.  Let's be happy and think positive! Think of your happy weekend and good buddies who made you laugh. Happiness or sadness are just frequencies all in our mind, so let's keep & think of only the good frequencies always. When our body and mind are happily positive, we can vibrate good frequencies to attract luck and healing powers.
I normally try to wake up very early and sit in front of my altar to pray for a good day. I also pray for my colleagues & all blogger friends to have a happy & healthy day so that they can blog happily too. Some blogged nonsense and made me puked. I am not talking about you coz your blogs are lovely. My whole altar has more than 15 statues, so I am very confident the heavenly deities will grant my wishes and bless you too!
This is my typical day, doing trouble shoot jobs in an advertising agency, anything from print media ads, newspaper ads, outdoor signs, billboard and even TV co…

I Went To Hell

If you have read my earlier post, you can understand how I built fate with the Hell's Officer. Hell Officer Spoke To Me
When I lived in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, I often popped over to a hometown friend's house on the next street for casual chat nightly. Patricia was my classmate's sister who had gone through much problems in her life. She was one of the surviving passengers when their car somersaulted in a car crash where another good friend died after his skull tore open. (The article was posted in my earlier blogs) Patricia had just divorced her hubby and escaped to KL to start life anew. I was kinda impressed that she was on strict vegetarian diet and does daily meditation after some prayers. She was a big hypocrite as she still smoked heavily then. 
One night, Patricia revealed to me that while she meditated, her senses went into another realm. She saw her older brother who had just passed away, being severely punished in the hell. He was screaming and crying in pain but she…

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

This whole week has been quite stressful for me at work. The market is slowing and bloggers like Lifebook further scared me with his retrenchment updates. So much negative frequency is in the air with worries.
Today is Friday once again and let's be happy okay. Let's think positive subjects in our head and mix up with our positive friends. That will generate happiness and confidence in us. 
If you are feeling emo, try to cheer up or ask TZ to get you to booze & drown your sorrows before he leaves for Kampala again. I believe TZ is a good social specialist in this emo treatment.  Here, I can only share some SMS jokes from India below, which tickled me & lifted my spirits.  Heeeee!

Tell me, did you just laugh?  Then you are cured!

Have A Happy Weekend!

URGH! Your Smelly Ketiak! Cis!

Have you smelled your own armpits today? Good smell or not?? If not don't come near me coz I sure pengsan anywhere. I have a terrible allergy & phobia when my condo's foreign workers sweated & my hyper sensitive d0g-nose could smell their body's puking B.O. from 1 kilometer away. Sometimes they were in the same elevator and I would dash out on the next floor like a lightning! You know what? The bad odor contains bacteria hence the pungent smell.
I was rather amused that it was written in the Buddhist sutra books that those with heavy past life's karma will have awful smelling body B.O. I guess it excretes via the hairy ketiak! Yiakss! Anyway, it could be treated by minor surgery to rid the armpit's skunks. Sometimes the deodorant won't help and again, it might cause cancer to the lymph.

I had come across some hometown friends who get horny and turn on like a sex siren when they smell their partner's foul smell armpits. The more puking is the better! 2 …

My Private Letter

Last night, I received an email from a close buddy Jason who returned to KK a few years ago. So relaxed being under his mummy's apron strings, he mixed with wrong KK friends of gamblers and hard core pub drinkers for shiok everyday, one thing led to another and he was hooked to drug pills just to get HIGH. This is another Sor-Haaiiii case, yeah? So mummy had to pay 4 figure sums to admit him into a private Drug Rehabilitation Centre. It was not a glamorous place as thought like those in Los Angeles where Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan admitted. Read below if you have time.

Dear Brother Twilight,
Now I am working with my dad, most of time I will either stay at the office or inside forest (camp). The life inside camp is almost same as inside rehad center.

During the time at the rehad, the programme was routine, wake up early, breakfast. Praise the lord then do some daily cleaning or work then lunch. Rest till 2 pm then start doing work ( such as KFC take away sources)till tea break at…

How To Get CANCER?

So much awareness & research have been conducted on cancer with countless of preventions and treatments. Yet, how many did survive? Please count the number of people you knew who died of this deadly cancer.
I have lost count myself on my good kawans, relatives, associates and the many patients I fetched to the hospitals for treatment..... all mampus of very painful cancer. Sob! Sob! I was assigned for a few years to fetch Hospice patients from the whole Jalan Klang Lama and Puchong! All of them have bade farewell to me, making my heart like a piece of stone today. No more tears, no more fears. They taught me valuable lessons that lasts a lifetime. Terima kasih to them all who are now resting in heavens.
Hello? Most humans today are damn fucking Sor-haaiiii especially those who still smoke heavily right now. My colleagues & friends complained about the rising cigarette prices, killing their pockets but they planned to cut down on food instead. Aiyo, this is called Orang Pandai or…