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Hell Officer Spoke To Me

I always had strong doubts whether the hell or spiritual world existed. I bet you guys also may have same thoughts unless proven otherwise!  I will share with you how frightened I was!!!!
When I returned to Malaysia, I joined Hakuhodo Advertising which was a top worldwide Japanese advertising agency. We launched big giants like Perodua, One Utama, NEC Mobile, Kenwood, Kao Products, Hazama and lots more. It was a bitter sweet and stressful agency where 1 male art director went frenzy and slashed bloody a female copywriter with an 18 inch steel ruler after both exchanged tight slaps & rained vulgar abuses. It was fun as we watched them fight in the studio & again inside the elevator. Why? The female writer was a bitchiest bitch who deserved to be shot dead. Her words could kill anyone hence she made a good writer!
At work, I shared a cubicle partition with a junior designer, Teoh who was 55 years old then. He was so fatherly to me yet he had to obey my orders and that made me so ar…

Disneyland HKG (Part 1)

It was my 2nd visit to a Disneyland and this one in Hong Kong was so small. However, I really enjoyed just as much as the one in Anaheim, Los Angeles which was where the original Disneyland started. The Hong Kong's Disney will be expanding soon as they have so much land and hills around the present site. So be patient lah.
I am happy to note that the quality and fun was still the same, so size doesn't matter, RIGHT? Many friends went to HKG but didn't visit Disneyland because they complained it was expensive! Where got expensive eh? Go on weekdays like I did and it's only HKG290 for whole day's unlimited rides and laughter!
I'm only posting 3% of my photos below as I do not want to spoil your future fun in the Happiest Place On Earth! See I am so kind!
Their MTR trains are also special to bring you there with "Mickey" windows. So happy!

Even the hand rails are "Mickey" theme. They have display shelves in the whole train showing Disney figurines.


Disneyland HKG (Part 2)

Next year, I hope to visit Euro-Disney in Paris. Hopefully I can board the Air Asia to Manchester and then take the train from England to France. It's just my dream.
We must have dreams and aim for it using our mind power which will steer our fate towards it. Without dreams, goals or ambitions, our lives would be aimless and meaningless.

This is the "It's A Small World" place and I really enjoyed taking a boat ride inside to see thousands of miniature characters singing and dancing in very vibrant and colourful settings. You must not miss it, ok?

These are the miniature dolls in Japanese costumes.

Chinese costumes of the Ching Dynasty.

Aloha dancers shaking their belly to the beat of the drums!

There are so many arcades and souvenirs stalls everywhere to milk your money! So clever!

It was drizzling lightly in cool temperature. The mood was perfect Autumn to enjoy Disneyland. Weekdays is the best time as it would be less crowded.
This is the best thrilling ride that I would ne…

Disneyland HKG (Part 3)

This is the final part for my trip to Disneyland. Hope you will never skip this place if you visit Hong Kong. The HKG Tourism Polls reported that most tourists still voted OCEAN PARK as the No.1 Favourite Spot in Hong Kong.
I have seen OCEAN PARK 3 times since the 80's and nothing changed except the Sea World's Spectacular showing Dolphins & Sea Lions performing. The giant whale is not there anymore! Anyone know what happened to the whale?

Those muscular acrobat dancers were prancing up & down like a Yo Yo. It was really fantastic and tiring for them!
Fire Dancers......beautiful dancing they did.

Zombie looking dancers in old European era costumes.

They also zombied on the street like walking dead corpses.

Hey, what you call this character, I have forgotten its name lah.

The final was the best and my heart was so excited with the hundreds of firework displays!

Fnatastic colours! Worth my money? I felt so guilty to see money burning in the skies and air pollution plus global wa…

Shopping In Hong Kong

Where is the cheapest shopping place for branded stuffs in Hong Kong? You should head for Citygate Outlets which is next to the airport or at the foot of the cable car station that takes you to the Big Buddha on the mountains.
My cousin told me to buy perfumery stuffs from any SASA outlets but at CityGate, it was really more rocked bottom prices! I ended up buying bottles of Davidoff, Ferarri, Dolce & Gabana, Gianfranco Ferre, Kenzo & Elizabeth Arden. I could have bought more! So sinful me! Awwww!
This is the entrance to Citygate Outlets which is next to the Novotel Hotel.
Everything inside was like 40% to & 70% SALE!!!! Unbelievable!

Limited stuffs at Bodyshop but everything was very dirt cheap. I didn't buy anything as I don't like Bodyshop anymore. Their stuffs didn't clear my pimples. I only like their recycle paper bags. Ha Ha!

Timberland was clearing their Summer clothes & shoes here. Not my type either.

Hey! For flip flop lovers, the Crocs here sell at aro…