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Sex Education In Europe

It has always been a problem with Asian parents coping with the sex education towards their young kids. My friend showed me the smart & useful tool which is being used in Germany to teach the small kids about real direct facts instead of just birds & bees tales.
If you know someone who has this dilemma, ask him to print the pictures below to show the kids. The useful illustration will do all the talking!
 Baby          Daddy & Mummy courting

Gets intimate!

Daddy & Mummy makes love to plant seed

Mummy is pregnant now.

After 9 months, mummy goes to hospital.

Doctor delivers the baby at last!

A happily ever after family.

Where To Eat Penis In Beijing?

Heh, heh you so ham sap lah, wanting to check this out. My buddy Derrick Dai emailed these exotic penis photos, so I must share them if you have not seen them yet. In Beijing, there is a famous Guolizhuang Restaurant which specializes in cooking animal penis gourmet food and serve them in artistic presentation. They cater for wealthy businessmen and Communist officials. You have to place advance bookings and on your arrival, the captain will take your orders with a nutritionist beside explaining all the goodness of individual dicks and balls that will boost your "Yang" and virility. Have you ever tried putting animal genitals in your mouth?

The entrance to Guolizhuang Restaurant, Beijing

Starters, Appetizers, Main courses & Desserts! Their menu serves Animal Penis & Testicles only.

Finger Food Starters - Sheep Penis! Yummy!

Waiter serves crispy Donkey Penis on Lettuce Leaf.

Ying & Yang Combo - Ox & Dog Penises Calamari

Sliced Star-shaped Ox Penis with Cum sesame paste sauce…

My True Story Of Ah Long

Ah Longs are mural painters. Victims are like canvass. 

Such ugly sights are scary! It's a warning not to play-play!

Singapore's comedy movie. Must watch!

So many Gory & Horrible stories about 'Ah Long' loan sharks have  been reported in the news. Really a big loan industry, more  aggressive than banks in Singapore & Malaysia until the film  producer Jack Neo made his most hilarious movie recently -  Ah Long Pte. Ltd. I laughed so hard until my real tears  and urine leaked out!! Now let me share my own TRUE encounter with Ah Long, no joke.

Poor Michael Chong. He shares everyone's headache!

My best friend's mum was an aggressive 'Tai Yee Long' who once  operated outside the casino of Genting Highlands. I was keeping  a close eye on her frail aged mother & 2 rotten kids, so she loved  me naturally. Knowing that she had no hope from me as her future  son-in-law, she adopted me like her own God-son!  Wow, I had a shark's finned God-Ma laden with…

Beautiful Wedding @ Garden of Eden

I had a very shiok pleasure & honour to attend a recent wedding which took place in a cool & misty park at Tropical Spice Garden, Penang. The moment I stepped into this newly discovered place, I felt that I had arrived in the Garden of Eden! It was love at first sight  place lah! It came complete with a serene lake with little waterfall  beside a big wooden pavilion. There is a steep hilltop where the  lunch reception was held under sky-lit & draped canopies. All  the guests were fascinated by the panoramic seaview! We were  further charmed by the continuos gentle breeze blowing with  soothing live band music in background. Didn't I say it was like  heavens or Gardens Of Eden? It was truly a lovely wedding  indeed & the company of guests were great too! The flow of  mouthwatering gourmet food were served one after another and  even the old uncles & aunts just hentam, didn't care their  cholesterol or high blood pressure! Just enjoy now and  worry later affair. The beautif…