Thursday, February 1, 2018

Pets Are Man's Best Friends Forever

2 weeks ago, I went to meet Blogger Wenn at NU Sentral to collect some donations from her again. She always donated lots of biscuits for my weekly homeless feeding program which my wife & I work closely with the church team. It was always a "Hi & Bye" sessions with Wenn as she barely had time to chat much as the ETS train was coming. I would always encourage this very good mummy Wenn to spend more precious time in KL with her beautiful grown up children. I miss my mother very much and seeing Wenn's love & attention towards her kids really warms my heart very much. She is truly a very caring lady to her whole family and everyone who knows her including all the homeless people!!

It was a rainy day and I had missed the correct turning to find Wenn, so I simply parked my car illegally behind some lanes in Brickfields. I quickly ran towards the NU Sentral and passed something that captured my attention. It was a cat! The unusual thing was the cat was sleeping and nudging in between a drunkard man's legs on the corridor. The sight ran so much thoughts in my head as I walked on towards Nu Sentral. The cat must be familiar with this man to sleep bravely in between his legs. The man was probably the cat's Master and this kitty probably knew this Master was always stoned drunk until had to camp on the five foot ways. 30 minutes had passed and I bade farewell to Wenn before taking the same route back to collect my car with a heavy bag full of biscuits and coffee beverages from the generous Wenn. She must be a Bodhisattva's reincarnation to touch everyone's hearts this life with her charitable hands & thoughts. I am very sure after knowing her for so many years now.

The faithful cat was still purring and resting in between its Master's legs. I stopped and admired the cat's loyalty for kneading both paws to massage his smelly feet. Love is really unconditional and his stinky feet probably smelled like Sweet Roses to the cat. What a darling!

I always admired my friends who kept faithful dogs and beautiful cats at home as pets. They adored and pampered them all with so much attention and love. Pets are really good friends and could bring so much joy to keep loneliness away. As for me, I dare not keep any pets again because when they died, I cried buckets of tears and mourned for so long! Haiks!


Friday, January 26, 2018

My Birthday Gatherings

Every year, I count myself as a lucky devil who gets to celebrate my pompous birthday over several days. I would have daily lunch and dinner sessions with different group of closed ones - with my darling wife, siblings to assorted friends. This year was slightly different because I invited my siblings instead of the other way round. Then as you have anticipated, I met up with my former classmates at Pavilion. You want to know what happened, right??...

We all met up at Madam Kwan's for lunch. The SIA air steward arrived first and followed by the Cruise's VP. I was a bit late as I was stuck in a traffic crawl but the "Queen" from England was no where in sight.

We guys chatted, gossiped and laughed so hard to kill our time. Finally, we heard a loud knock on the glass windows where our table was. Wearing a loose Dior's blouse with her Gucci sunglasses, the "Queen" flashed the broadest smile and waved at us. My jaw dropped in disbelief, heart beats racing fast at 200mph and stared hard at this long lost classmate who was once my best friend when we schooled together at the famous Penang's Christian Boys School for 11 years. The "Queen" golek her way into the restaurant, swinging her big Louis Vuitton handbag confidently and gave each of us a big hug tightly with all her bosoms. Our eye brows danced and raised in embarrassment to know that a silicon breast is actually bouncy like agar-agar jelly being mixed with some elephant glue. Muahahaha!

The whole restaurant was packed with lunch hour customers, who all focused their attention at the "Queen". They probably tried to guess her presence, as she definitely carried herself like some catwalk models do. People love to be busy bodies sometimes. My "Queen" friend is Celine from England, who spoke so confidently like a party hostess while my air steward friend and I were in deep long silence. I needed time to warm up and just squeaked like a lost mouse. We all men needed time to adjust to this 'new' friend who had just resurrected into another gender. I used to talk to him like how naughty boys spoke but now, I would be talking to a completely new friend. Wasting no time, this new friend Celine shared her sob stories of having to work very hard as a pub dancer and waitress from town to town in Europe. 'He' scrimped very hard and saved every penny until he had enough savings to get knifed on the operating table which was followed by over 20 plastic surgeries to shape him up into a sophisticated lady today. I would say that Celine does not behave like those flirtatious street pondans who always gave an old uncle like me catcalls and slutty looks. Instead her voice is naturally feminine and talks with utmost grace. I was happy to hear that she does not need to work anymore after marrying the good Dutch husband. She is a housewife who keeps the house tidy and clean daily besides cooking very delicious meals for her hubby. Do you remember my other hometown friend who was the former Miss Malaysia who lives in London? The one who gave me nightmares to get her many tedious valid documents to get married to a Colombian hunk. Well they both are friends in London and I was told that Celine cooks the best Assam Laksa, Chicken Rice, Char Koay Teow, Nasi Lemak and almost everything to mouthwatering perfections! Next year, I plan to bring my wife to visit her and hubby in London as they live conveniently near to Heathrow airport.

The lunch ended very well and I heard the commotion from the restaurant's kitchen where they were singing. The waiters and waitresses brought out a birthday cake and sang me a birthday song, all the way to my table to everyone's surprise and delight. I was moved to tears!! Awwww so sweet nia....

We all may have tons of good and bad friends but we should always treasure the few good ones like this. They are friends who give us, the much needed support and many surprises for each other.  

Now that I have shared the photo below on everyone's request, please take a good look as I may need to remove it later on....

Yours truly with the air steward, cruise's VP and the "Queen" from England.


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Thank You My Dearest Mother

Today is my birthday! Last night, I had a dinner gathering with my siblings at a restaurant in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Today I will work half day and adjourn to meet 3 old classmates for a reunion lunch at The Pavilion in KL. We will meet an old classmate from Standard One whom we have not met after leaving school. He left Malaysia and went overseas to have a complete sex change operation to become a lady! He had over 20 operations which were very costly and painful to look like a woman complete with all the boobs and genitals! Best of all, 'she' lived together with a handsome Dutch man in London for sometime without any suspicions from him at all. "She" confessed to him eventually and he accepted her willingly. They had a whirlwind romance and got married in Amsterdam with a big wedding party where nobody ever suspected anything amiss until today. OMG!! People could sometimes be blind like bats! I need to hold my breath and keep myself composed when I meet that fella. I worry that I might turn hysteria & faint from shock. I am getting freaking goosebumps while typing this. What a birthday gift to meet a childhood bestie who turned into a woman!

I would like to share this old photo, in memory of my late mother.

I wish to say "Khob Khun Mak" to my late mother for giving me the best birthday gift - My Life!
This photo was taken when I was about 6 years old, at home in Penang. Please respect and love our mothers always, as we can never repay them back all their love, kindness and sufferings to bring us up from the day we were born. Once they are no longer with us, everything becomes like a good dream has ended.

Happy Birthday To Me!

"Khob Khun Mak" means Thank You Very Much in Thai language.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Beware Of Scammers

I have been in a hiatus mode for some weeks now! Gosh! Time flies and the other bloggers have been so active with juicy updates. What has happened to me? Some thought I went for winter vacation but unannounced? That's not me, I would announce to the world if I am packing my luggage to fly off somewhere. Actually, truth to be told, I have never been so busy at work in my whole life. My assistant had resigned and my world suddenly turned upside down with my silly boss asking me to rush out many proposals for him. His proposals would total over 500 pages of power point!! Yes!! Over 500 pages besides doing all my assistant's on going jobs. %#@&*#!!!

I have been so stressed inside and outside my office! Bonkers! 

My condo's tenant has just moved out after 4 years living in Malaysia. She came from Libya with her family to pursue to her Phd studies in our local university and they have been very good tenants so far. The husband is about 6 feet 5 inches tall and really looks exactly like Michael Jordan, the NBA celebrity. The husband painted my whole condo unit by himself before handling over the keys to me to receive his deposits and a pat on his back for his paint work which needed no tall ladders. That was enough to soothe my eyes when I saw some minors defects and damages left behind, besides all my disappearing curtains with his Houdini acts! Muahahaha

The rental & property market has slowed down recently due to the failing economy and over supply of condos and office blocks! So I decided to engage the hungry agents to help me but they are not aggressive enough so I decided to paste ads inside the 7-Eleven stores and online. This is my first time having to go this far as previously, we always had desperate tenants lining up to rent my unit as Taman Danau Desa is quite a convenient location with lots of amenities and excellent infrastructure. A friend advised me to post the ad online and I tried Mudah.Com for the first time. It was quite scary as I received text messages so quick. Too quick to believe there are predators lurking over the net.

At 3.00 am, someone was looking for a condo and I received this text. It was so nice and convincing!

 Without even viewing my unit, she offered to pay one year in advance and showed her passport right away. I am not a moron and my suspicious radar was on alert with careful replies.

Michael Batista texted me a few hours later and that's his lame reply. By the way Michael Batista is an actor in the West and why would he rent my shitty condo instead of around KLCC's vicinity? I quickly googled both the names of Henequelen and Michael which confirmed my suspicions that they are international con men who have sent similar template texts to many victims from Malaysia to Singapore and even Australia and USA! If you would bother to read the links below, that exposed their scams and lame tricks to lure naive victims. So beware and please be alert.

Case - Michael Batista Rental Scammer 1

Case 2 - Henequelen Ambikin Rental Scammer 2 

I replied them with nasty messages and stern warning in capital letters besides showing both the identical templates they had used? They just balked out quickly and went silent.

How do they cheat? They would say they would send money to you, the big deposits and many months rental via pay pal. Then they would text you later that their movers company had difficulties to receive their payment to shift their stuffs citing reasons for being in faraway ocean deep! "So, please help to pay my movers company in advance and I would wire the full deposit total together with the mover's fees to you in one lump sum!" They would give the gullible landlords the fake account number which goes directly into their own pockets. Later they would send you fake "proofs" that they have paid you via pay pal. When you have gone merry-go-rounds that you never received a cent and pay pal officer had confirmed there was no such transactions, the scammers would threaten to sue you if you don't return their money besides calling you a cheat landlord!! Whoa!! Such a silly drama could even deceive many naive victims around the globe.

My friends, please beware always and share with your loved ones this nonsense!


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It Takes Two To Tango

We were meeting up with a close friend for dinner and adjourned to have coffee. He had so much to share after his recent tour to Europe which covered 6 countries in 8 days! It was a horrors trip to me to see this friend who is suffering from Stage 4 thyroid cancer, had to endure the hectic trip. He was so tired that he had to miss few itineraries and slept alone in the hotel instead while his wife followed the tour bus for sight seeing. I had advised him earlier from going for such hectic tours but he wanted to please his wife as it could be their last overseas vacation together.

While we were enjoying our coffee at this famous cafe, there was something else going on that kept all the patrons looking at one direction. It was unbelievable that such things could happen in broad daylight! I thought they should be discreet and go behind some bushes or back lanes to grope each other. Take a good look at the above photo and see the shameless couple in between the cups. The man with full head of grey hair looked like in his 60s while the skimpy dressed lady with 6 inch heels looked like in her 20s. Her manner, spoken dialect and appearance could be a Chinese doll from the mainland. She unbuttoned his shirts and groped her hand inside like a submarine looking for lost treasures. She was giggling away while the man was in Cloud 9 smiling broadly with occasional laughter when she pinched to escalate his excitement!

I thought such scenes were long forgotten and used to be hive at those remote coffee shops in rural towns that doubled as make shift karaokes and brothels for dirty old men who wanted a quickie! Whooaa!! It happened in a busy shopping mall and my head shook in disbelief to see this couple still groping after 45 minutes in the full presence of other families and children. I guessed those on lookers were enjoying the free show too! Muahahahaha

My siblings have all divorced besides many other close friends. All their break ups had something to do with infidelities and 3rd parties. It often confused me to blame the husbands for the break ups but many lamented the female foxes were equally blamed as they were sometimes married mothers too or witches out to dig gold mines. Haiks! Sometimes I found it hard to believe that some cases were the results from their past lives' karma to keep mistresses!


Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas To All My Readers

The whole year 2017 has come and gone. In just a week's time, we would usher the New Year 2018 after a jolly Christmas weekend. Time flies very fast for me and so many wonderful things have happened. 

I am shy to say that I have just written 61 posts for my blog this whole year yet I had many regular and silent readers who come from far and near. I am fortunate to be able to make friends with several silent readers through emails too. I am always grateful for several regular readers who dropped by to read every single day!! There's 2 in particular in the FeedJit Live that showed they come from Mountain View in California and Sheung Wan in Hong Kong. I must confess that I am very curious yet appreciate these 2 and many others who dropped by. Please continue to drop by and support me. I will try my best not to be lazy to write more posts!

I went to Sapporo during its 2017 Snow Festival in Japan.
It was so bloody cold and happy for me to eat the 6 flavoured Ice Cream. 
It's Yummy!

My wife and I went to Gili Islands after her amazing hike up the Mount Rinjani in Indonesia. We have a happy life with many Ups & Downs like everyone else. I will always forgive and forget all the people who had wronged, betrayed and hurt me. I only wish to keep the happiest memories!

I have not even finished posting my trips to Kelantan, Terengganu & Hong Kong!
Maybe I should post them all in January 2018. Wishing you all a very
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

When you are dying......

Last Sunday night, we attended a wedding dinner in Kajang which was a 1 hour drive from my home. While eating the course dinner, my wife looked at her Facebook and had a terrible shock that her childhood friend from school had passed away from lung cancer just 4 hours earlier. It was posted by the deceased's family. That friend was a Chinese but had married a Muslim man so her body was taken to the mosque for overnight prayers and early burial the next morning. My wife was too shocked and notified all the school mates. They were all saddened that the deceased died of Stage 4 lung cancer in less than 3 months but didn't inform anyone of her illness while she still had time.

 Now this topic became a debate for me to ponder. Would you inform your friends when you have been suddenly diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer?? My wife and I could not even answer this if it happened to us. So I started to review the cases of my mum and other relatives & friends. None of them actually wanted anyone to visit them, so they preferred to lie low...

What would you do if you know that your days are numbered? Invite friends for karaoke and sing for the last time? Have a big farewell dinner and wefie many photos for their memories? My head was dizzy after thinking for so long...


Pets Are Man's Best Friends Forever

2 weeks ago, I went to meet Blogger Wenn at NU Sentral to collect some donations from her again. She always donated lots of biscuits for m...