Thursday, August 18, 2016

Birthday Surprise For My Wife

My father had gone to heavens to meet my mother. They both must be holding hands and dance ballroom on the clouds. Our lives must move on but without any big celebrations for a whole year. I must not attend any weddings, birthday parties or big events as advised by the religious Gurus who adhere to the Law of the Universe. I will blog and share my parents' old photos soon.

My wife's birthday was like over 2 week's after my father's departure. My lovely wife is a very simple and easy person who has no attachments to materialistic things like branded stuffs or even flowers as she is allergic to the pollen. So I cracked my head and ordered her special gift long ago. I kept it under my office's table and waited for her big day to arrive.

On the eve of her birthday, she was fast asleep while I waited till midnight before taking her gift out. I placed her birthday gift beside her pillow and inserted her personal card. Suddenly, it got activated, started beeping loudly BEEP- TOOOT- BEEEP-TOOT and a recorded voice screamed out in Mandarin to welcome her!!

My wife had a big fright and woke up in disbelief!!!

I gave her a real ATM machine that could withdraw cash or even keep cash bills & coins. She was delighted to see so many big notes inside. I wish her every Happiness, Good Health and Big Wealth with this new handy ATM @ Home.

Now this rich birthday girl took me out to dine at my favourite Japanese restaurant where there is a barbeque buffet. It is so pricey but this rich birthday girl happily paid for the bill. It was no celebration but just makan-makan as usual with live band to serenade our appetite.

You must try this fabulous restaurant ROCKU at One Utama Shopping Centre.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Goodbye My Dearest Father

My dearest father has left us forever. It was Monday 1st August when I went to visit my father in the hospital. It was about 5.30pm when I arrived his ward and noticed that his hands were very swollen. My heart sank as I knew that his time was nearing the end. I had seen many terminally ill cancer patients from my volunteer days where their bodies and organs had all gradually shut down till the last stage where the water retention would appear. I snapped his photos and sent to my siblings who made a dash to the hospital.

I held my father's hand and it was very cold like ice. I stroke his warm forehead and combed his hair with my fingers softly. I held his hands very tightly and started chanting all the Buddhist mantras, knowing that it would help him go in peace. I promptly walked out of the room and visited my friend in the next ward. My old friend had suffered from a major heart attack and was critical. I chatted with him a bit and cheered him up, not to fear of his sickly condition. My phoned beeped and I saw the message from my sister - "Dad is gone...."

The night was very long as we had to do so much preparations for the funeral. I had booked for the special funeral package last year and it was a real breeze as their professional team handled all the necessary and meticulous details. The most important duty when someone dies is the timing of its soul emerging out of their bodies. It would need between 6 to 9 hours for the soul to rise up and they often felt suffering and lost to experience their own soul tearing out of their bodies. This is the most crucial time when we need to be at their side and chant prayers to seek divine's blessing to help their journey out. My brave and fearless wife walked into the morgue of the funeral parlour alone and stood beside my father's body. She chanted the whole sutra book of Bodhisattva Di ZangWang to ferry my father's soul for over 1 hour. She stood in the middle of several bodies and coffins alone! I believe the other souls also benefited along.

  The funeral wake was held for 3 days and 2 nights.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

We Have To Be Mindful

On the first day of Hari Raya Holidays, my close friend visited me from Penang together with his family. They wanted to visit my father in the hospital besides relaxing in KL for a short break. My friend parked his car at the visitor's parking lot inside our gated community area. I went to receive his family and we started chatting as we walked. I was excited to show him some nice crawling plants hanging down when I became distracted with my steps. I walked over the covered drain's grills and missed it. I fell right forward into the drain with one right leg inside while I balanced squatting on the left leg. My leg and hands bruised with so much blood & scratches. My bones ached too and I was limping for 3 days.

 This was a good lessons for me To Be Mindful Always!


I wish to thank everyone for all the kind wishes for my father to recover. Your concern and all the many blog comments and emails besides the 'private messages' really moved me. You all are so caring and wonderful friends! I should update you honestly, on my father's current situation. He was first admitted after getting high fever which resulted from his lung infections. Doctor found out that his dementia caused him to choke and clog the food inside his lungs. He had to be moved from ICU to CCU and HDU for several weeks and the bill was enough to buy a brand new car. We discharged him to be placed in a nursing home where the nurses could care for him 24/7 while he was recuperating. His plentidful phlegm was clogging his throat and lungs all the time, so they had to do machine suctions every 2-3 hours! That was really a pain and discomfort for my old man who always wrestled with the nurses as his memory loss could not tell him what was going on. He just felt being hurt and assaulted in his throat by masked nurses who looked like terrorists. After 4 days, he developed some lungs infection again and had to be readmitted to the same medical centre at Subang Jaya. This time he has MRSA which is a highly contagious bacterial issue and has to be confined inside a closed 'clean room' with both his hands tied to the bed! My tears would flow each time I had to see my poor father being tied to the bed so that he would not pull off all the tubes and wires on his body. This is so sad as he could not understand what has happened to him. Each time when he could recognize me or my siblings, it was just like winning a lottery prize. 

My Father & I.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Father Is Sick

I have been rather quiet in the blogsphere recently. My poor old man has been sick and resting in the hospital. Last week he had very high fever which could not subside after taking paracetamol tablets. So we rushed him to Subang Jaya Medical Centre where he was being admitted to the ICU right away as his breathing was fading off due to excessive phlegm. He is hooked up to the oxygen concentrator to assist his breathing besides the phlegm suction and other tubes & wires to monitor his progress.

The saddest part is his advanced dementia that confuses him all the time as he could not remember why and where he is being warded. We could not even sit beside him all day to pacify him as he has been moved from ICU to CCU to normal ward and now HDU (High Dependency Unit) which forbids anyone to sit beside except few minutes visit only.

I hope everyone will stay healthy always! I will be back soon.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Happy Anniversary To My Wife

I want to thank my wifey for being the precious guiding light of my life and giving me many years of happiness & laughter. We have been blissfully married for 14 years and never had a single quarrel till today. We are normal humans with emotions, angers and tempers too, but there is no need to flare up between us. We celebrated our wedding anniversary last night with just a very quiet and late night dinner. My wife did not want me to invite any friends to join us as she prefers privacy. So I suggested that we proceed to dine at our favourite Japanese restaurant which is close to our home. We ate at this place long before we ever visited Japan for the first time. Today we can conclude that this restaurant's ambiance and finger food have typical resemblance with the dining atmosphere in many parts of Japan.

Wakon Japanese Restaurant is located at Damansara Uptown. 
There are many bright Japanese lanterns to greet and welcome you.

I like their homely feel without all the frills of luxury decors.
Most family run Nihon restaurants in Japan look like this.

We enjoyed the yummy Tokyo Ramen in tomato soup. Besides that we had repeat-orders for their appetizing barbequed finger food in skewers - Chicken Breast Yuzu, Pork French Bean, Cheese Mushrooms, Deep Fried Chicken and Cheese & Chicken.

The whole bill was just RM80.80 and that's due to the special discounts for dining after 9.30pm.  The address of this Non-Halal restaurant:

Wakon Japanese Restaurant.
75 Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


My dearie wife gave me a big red packet of cash for being a good hubby on our anniversary. Her cheapo hubby quietly went to Loreal's Friends & Family warehouse sale and bought some lelong loots for her instead.

His & Hers


Thursday, May 19, 2016

How To Make "Happy Overnight Oats"

I have been making my own version of overnight oats for my wife's breakfast for some years now. I would always make 5 bottles at once and that should last her a whole week to be eaten at her work place. She has become so addicted to them after I have experimented with so many hundreds of ingredients like yoghurt, mixed nuts, various fruits, rolled oats and other organic edibles. I am posting this after successfully serving my wife who dislikes anything sweet or too much carbo diet. However, she loves this slightly sweet healthy overnight oats that tastes like those imported ice cream! This is also a happy diet meal with everything in pink & red - LOVE

  A Quick Glance at my ingredients and its step-by-steps.
There is no definite or fixed recipe as the ingredient choices are all subjective.

I found that only instant oats could absorb all the strawberry milk well and dissolve them into ice-cream like mixture. The GoodDay brand has the best fragrant strawberry milk, after experimenting so many brands. Yoghurt is not suitable as it has sourish taste and the reaction with fresh strawberries makes them taste like lemon Slurpee instead. I also found that raw cashew nuts have natural sweetness that adds more booster. Lastly, I also add raisins and dried cranberries which would turn soft, bloated and chewy. Some alternate weeks, I would add in blueberries and muesli when she needs a real POWER OVERNIGHT OATS. The whole costs is not a cheap breakfast but the Joy & Happiness for her to enjoy a POWER breakfast diet that matters.

 Cut the fruits and throw everything you fancy into these special glass bottles.

Add in 3 spoonful of instant oats above. The nuts, fresh and dried fruits
need to submerge below in the strawberry milk.

 Pour the strawberry milk until the level of the oats and stir them lightly.

Place the bottles into your refrigerator and chill for at least 3 hours.
They can easily keep over 1-2 weeks.



Monday, May 16, 2016

Bad Parenting On The Rise

Yesterday, I went to the nearby supermarket in my neighbourhood to do my grocery. It was a Sunday and it would always be packed with regular shoppers. I disliked the big crowd always as I often encountered problems to navigate my mini trolley along the aisle. Most of the familiar faces are those well heeled lazy aunties who would bring along their maids just to push trolleys. Occasionally you might see some noisy small kids running around too, knocking into the people and shelves until the displayed items fell off. Some parents would apologize and snapped at their kids. Some parents would transform into blind bats and ignored their own kids by pretending to look elsewhere!!

I had a real fright of my life when my trolley reached the end of the aisle to get some toilet rolls. This boy was rolling and tossing on the floor singing away his lullabies. My eyes went wide and my mouth opened big with dropped jaws. The boy continued to kick and toss, pulling down more boxes of tissues to do his monkey acts. I walked near him and was very horrified! His mother was just beside him, looking at some labels & instructions on the bottles! Kaneeneh! What kind of mother is that?? I think this mother needed help and not the kid.

I freaked out and walked back few steps to snap this photo. My heart was thanking my late mother so much that I was brought up very well under the thumbs of her very strict Thai manners. She trained me & siblings so well that she hardly used a cane. All she needed was cringe her eyebrows fiercely with the most scary eyes at me. I would be frozen into ice cube, numbed and behaved properly at once! Muahahahaha!

I may not have kids but I know that parenting doesn't come with a handbook. It's all on-the-job training as the kids come into their families. No given guidelines, just lots of unwritten rules that restrict who our children think they want to be. Every parent would dream to turn their children into grown ups with responsible, successful and independent traits. Parenting isn't just a job, it's a lifelong commitment.

One expert has pointed out - " If you want to change someone else's behavior, the best place to start is by changing yours"... It really makes sense to me to adopt this at work as my staff are like my helpless kids sometimes.