Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Unpleasant Homecoming

My sister and her hubby are finally back home from United Kingdom. They had a very great and glorious time visiting all their friends and the famous landmarks from London to Thames, Reading and Middlesex & everywhere! They went on big shopping and eating spree as the weather was very beautiful with no rain but sunshine which was a rare treat. Husband & wife updated their Facebook with scenic photos almost every hour like college kids. Their precious daughter's graduation was the happiest joy and pride for them on the final leg of their trip. She majored in Chemistry just like my father who specialised in liquids. My father was sent to study in Sunderland, England under the Colombo Plan which offered scholarships to the top students.

So my "housesitting" job came to an end after the 2 cats got used to me as their new Master of The House. On Saturday night, we went over to feed the cats for the last time and watered their hanging gardens on the balcony. My wife was hungry and decided to cook Maggi Mee before we adjourned to a proper dinner & Spiderman movies. She took the egg out from the fridge and realised the egg was so warm!! Dang! The whole big fridge had died. Oh My God! The stench and smell of morgue flowed out and filled the whole kitchen sending the 2 cats to flee to the balcony for fresh air.

Eewww! I have removed half the bottom rack & look at the almost
empty freezer with all the rotten meat and bloody water. Horrors!
The Maggots were all alive and dancing happily in the
pools of blood while singing 
"We Are The World".

I had to remove so many packets of the decayed salmon slices, 
bacons, beef chunks, mutton, dory fishes and gallons of mixed blood!
The smell was the most horrible Rigor Mortis stench and stained
all my beautiful fingers. I texted my sister at London'd Heathrow
to notify her on the death of her +2 year old Hitachi fridge.
That night I had a frightful nightmare in my sleep that
those toxic blood had penetrated my skin into my body.
I woke up in cold sweat and regretted for not using a 
pair of rubber gloves. I didn't see any gloves anyway.

Look at the lovely gifts we received from my sister and hubby
from all their shopping & strolling around Camden, Thames
and St James Park.. My eyes went very wide to see 
"Rolling Stones" tee shirt and shorts for me! LOLOL. 
She is a big fan of Rolling Stones but not me! 
We often received dozens of chocolates from all 
her overseas travels. This time we received "Crumpets" which 
is something new & alien to me. Has anyone ever 
eaten Crumpets?

When they finally landed at Kuala Lumpur and arrived
home to see their fridge in comatose mode, they
read shocking news that Camden is on FIRE!!
They just had their last meal there.

Besides Soho and Covent Garden, this place at Camden Town 
is the most popular rendezvous hub in North West London
for both locals and tourists to Eat, Drink, Shop & Dance!
There are over 1000 shops here & now the Camden Market 
is razed down to ashes! I will always remember
our shorts and tee shirts for a long time.

Many thanks for all the kind comments at the post
of Chronicles Of The Caregiver. I have just replied
all the comments.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Chronicles Of A Caregiver (Part 1)

I have been reading up many articles lately after seeing too many deaths of patients and close friends. When I was a volunteering as a caregiver at Hospice, I had to fetch endless of terminally ill patients to different hospitals around Klang Valley for various chemotherapy and nuclear treatments. They were all suffering from cancer's final Stage 4 and passed away eventually, not after having many heart to heart talks with me about their whole colourful and miserable lives of regrets. They would share their many hopes that, should they ever recovered, they would be doing a long list of things they have missed out. They would wish to turn back the clocks and probably remained single too. I was providing free transports at my own accord as most of them had children or family members who were not free, unavailable or not bothered to send these patients to hospitals. It was not an easy task for me as I had to juggle in between my working hours to fetch them to & fro. Each patient had their own special needs & attention to be handled and I had to provide small comfort pillows and disposal bags inside my car, in the event when they threw up vomits of blood and toxic phlegm from time to time.

Case #1: 
One Indian lady named Preema, had 15 grown up children and all 14 of them were married with sound financial background while several had retired. None of them were available to fetch their poor mama who was diagnosed with throat and thyroid cancer for weekly treatments. This old lady in her 80s had money but lived near Putrajaya and no taxis wanted to fetch her back and forth. That was long ago before the Uber and Grab taxis were available. So I was her complimentary taxis. The treatments had closed up her whole throat until she could no longer swallow food & liquid. She had to be fed through the tube and carried the attached bag on her stomach everywhere. Her unmarried daughter accompanied her for every trip and would speak to me on her mother's behalf. The most shocking thing was that Preema would be greeted at the hospital's entrance by a young handsome doctor during her every visits. This Indian doctor was doing his housemanship at the hospital and would greet Preema by going on his knees ritually to kiss her feet using his hand's gesture. I was shocked and speechless to discover that he was Preema's own grandson!! WTF?? Why nobody was free to fetch her?? We caregivers had all been well trained to carry out our duties diligently without conditions and with so many do's & don'ts. We have to refrain from preaching religions, asking personal questions, discuss their sickness, talk politics or even sell them any MLM products. We can only engage into these conversational topics if the patients themselves spoke up. Preema passed away peacefully in her sleep at home a few months later after all treatments had stopped.

Case #2:
John Lim was just 38 when I met him on his death bed. He was from my hometown Penang and had been a successful top salesman in Selangor. He was a macho sweet talker who sold all the imported brands of cigarettes to all the distributors. Naturally he was a chain smoker himself to be able to trade so well. He could brag to me that he smoked at least 4 packets of cigarettes daily since they were all free samples for him to enjoy. He was heavily sedated with morphine to ease the horrible pain of both his lung cancer. We chatted a lot in between his sleep when his eyes closed for 2-3 minutes where he was being drifted out with his soul floating about as claimed. John repeatedly swore to me that he wanted to regard and join me like his own brother to be a caregiver volunteer if God heals him back to robust health again. John passed away 2 nights later, leaving behind his mother, young wife of 30s and a primary school daughter. I went to his funeral at the Section 17's funeral parlour and John's face looked peaceful & free from pain inside his coffin. That was my first time seeing white lights of angels dancing & hovering in circles above his coffin as the church members sang all the hymns for him. John's smiles and words still echo in my head today after more than 10 years.

Case #3:
Selva was just 32 when he was diagnosed with Stage 4's lung cancer. He lived in a flat in Puchong somewhere opposite IOI Mall. I had to fetch him to UH and HUKM on different days for his chemotherapy sessions which had to start at 8:00am sharp. Imagine the traffic crawl and stress for having to drive hurriedly to beat the jams and even red lights so that my patients would not be late for their life treatments. The hospitals would be full of patients waiting and when you are too late, you have to come back again another day after making a new appointment. That is the difference between a private and government hospital. Selva was very talkative and could not accept his fate that he was dying. He would often scream in acute pain and burst out crying inside my car. I had to hold the steering and used my left hand to comfort him. I would give him a small pillow to hug while he crouched his body to lessen the pain. The smell of his decaying lungs filled my whole car whenever he breathed out hurriedly in pain. He asked me why his colleague who was in his 50s was not suffering from cancer since he had smoked much longer than Selva. I could only stare at Selva's eyes and wiped his tears away without any good words that could pacify him. I could only advise him to be brave and continue the treatment since many patients had recovered or managed to live on for several more years. That was a white lie as the number of recoveries were quite slim and small. Selva begged me to tell all my friends to quit smoking as he did not want others to suffer and go through the severe & hellish pain that was like tearing up his lungs with knives. That was Selva's own words! He passed away a month later and left behind his wife in her 20s with 3 young children.

That's all my case stories for today and it could run over 100 but it might bore my readers. So I will continue to recall the stories for part 2 & 3. All the stories are real incidents and non fiction using real names.

Besides cancer, the next deadly sickness that took away most of my friends was heart attack. You might think that it was a quick and sudden deaths but they all died too young. The other surviving friends often tried to analyze the whole lifestyle of the deceased and I would conclude that they all had very successful career that came in a package of unhealthy diet, big stress and no exercise! I need not elaborate on this topic except to look at my own lifestyle. The recent case of my close uncle who had multiple strokes really frightened and saddened me. The fact that he may have to be a vegetable and bed ridden for many years is scary and too troublesome for everyone. I am not a doctor or physician but merely sharing my own thoughts for my own well being.

I don't deny that I often eat out all the time with groups of different friends
and we would eat just anything unhealthy & nice. When I eat alone, I would
try to eat more vegetables to detox and balance my diet. Today I went to my
favourite Rimbun Restaurant to eat their Malay food. The whole plate costed
me just RM3.50 with a Limau Panas drink at RM1.30. You can only find cheap
meals like this in Sungai Buloh. I ate raw cucumber, tomatoes, long beans, okra
and acar pineapple-cucumbers with lots & lots of fiery hot sambals.

I told myself that I must drink fresh coconut water at least twice
weekly to cool my system and build my immunity besides
lowering down my blood pressure which had shown significant
improvement now.

 One coconut is just RM4.00 and that could bring abundance
of goodness for one's health.

I read up some health articles which ranked this pomegranate as
the best fruit juice that would greatly help to clear up all our
clogged arteries. That would cost me RM18.50 just for this
bottle of fresh pomegranate juice. This is really a bomb price
for me, so I would drink it probably once a fortnight.

I have been reading all these healthy juice charts like a bible.
I would probably print them out and paste them on my doors
and all over the house as reminders.

 I do drink many other juices from time to time
and eat some supplements daily besides
increasing my exercises at the gym & pool.

Health Is Wealth.


Monday, July 3, 2017

My New Job - Housesitting

My big sister and her Swedish hubby are away in England for a fortnight, to attend their daughter's graduation at the University of Reading. They had actually "gone back home" as they hold the British PR and once lived for a long time in a typical English house that was huge with spacious gardens spanning across 400 feet which came with a natural river at the back of the house. Those who live in houses with clean river or canal waters running across would often reap windfalls and abundance of wealth according to some Feng Shui beliefs. Hearing this theory and seeing their windfalls, kinda made me believe it.

So they have entrusted the duty for poor me to be their house sitter! One week has passed so swiftly and I am having another week of dreadful chores to undertake. I just googled on the internet that one could work as a housesitter and live all over the world for free and get paid too. Why not hire me??

I don't get paid but I am required to sleep at their luxurious guest room 
at the pinnacle of Mont Kiara. It is on the higher floors that command a 
panoramic view of KL silhouetted behind the stunning concrete jungles 
in the vicinity. 


They have a balcony filled with so many plants including strawberry, papaya, 
roses, mint, basils and so many other trees. Every plant has got their own
specific requirements to be watered using measuring cups, sprays 
and watering cans! I also have to fetch their cleaning maid 
over to thoroughly clean and  wash their whole place. 

There are 2 precious cats too which were air flown all the way from United Kingdom! 
They are terribly spoilt and pampered pussies that need to be fed with the best cat food
twice a day besides getting good brush on their fur coats daily. The lights, air cons
and ventilation fans must be promptly turned on, to keep them relaxed & happy. 
I must stay over so that the royalty cats would not be depressed 
with their "missing parents".

I just noticed that every single house below comes with their own lap pools!
The developer is so thoughtful.

 Introducing you - Their Royal Highness Prince & Princess Pussy Cats
 of United Kingdom. They were both born in England & carry their own
birth certificates too. I am not surprised if they have passports too. 
I didn't know that English cats have birth certificates!
Do they pay taxes too?

Every evening both the Royalty Pussies would perch on
the balcony to watch the golden sunset. They amazed me
to see what a blissful life to become cats like them.



Friday, June 16, 2017

Confessions Of A Hospital Patient

It is my gossip time again. Who doesn't like to gossip or hear juicy gossips? Scientists from the University of California claimed that gossips could benefit our brains sometimes. We have to gossip the topics that bring the right benefits and not to speak malicious and slanderous lies to create negative results.

This is a true story that happened to my uncle very recently and do read till the end okay. I would claim that he is one of my most favourite uncle I have met after marrying my wife. He is in his mid 60s and was always very helpful & loved to crack the dirtiest jokes with vulgarities on anyone that crossed paths. I was always his favourite target and victim for being such a "naive" fool and too sporting guy to play along. Besides that, I am grateful for all his kindness and help to welcome me into the family.

One midnight, the tragedy struck on this uncle at home. He suffered from stroke and fell off from the bed in the guest room. Unfortunately, his wife who slept soundfully in the master bedroom only found him on the floor the next morning at dawn. His brain attack had passed the 'golden hour' that could have saved him with advanced medical treatment but he had missed it unfortunately. Half of his body had become paralyzed and had to be rushed into the operating theater of the best hospital in Singapore. The top surgeons operated and removed the cap of his skull to reach the delicate brains. It was a very long tedious surgery that almost took forever to finish and kept him alive. He woke up from coma a week later on the hospital bed.

My poor aunty had to visit him everyday and was mentally drained as all her grown up children could not be there round the clock. They had to work full time and divide their time with their own young families. This is truly a common situation today when our aged parents are sick, we have to make some sacrifices from our jobs to allocate the time and patience to help our parents. We can never repay them back for all their love and kindness to bring us up.

While in the hospital, my uncle shared a room with another young male patient after being wheeled out from ICU. This other patient who has very roving eyes, was there for some surgery done and he was recovering well. He had nothing better to do daily, other than watching all the drama programs going on in the TV and inside the hospital room itself. He would silently observe every moves to conclude that my aunt had been very caring and brought along all the necessities with home cooked food for my uncle daily. He knew that my aunty loved her hubby wholeheartedly for herself.

Finally, the morning before this male patient was being discharged, he called my aunty quietly to the corner and whispered very softly like a pussy cat purring. He complimented my aunty for her love, patience and kindness towards her ailing hubby who was lying hopelessly on the bed and wired up to all the sophisticated gadgets & beeping machines to keep him alive. He added that he could not tolerate his own guilt feelings anymore and had to confess all his disturbed emotions & everything to my aunty. He spoke out line by line like a lost soul at the church's confessions box. My poor aunty heard all the lines in shocking disbelief and just screamed her lungs out:




My aunty's heart stopped instantly and almost fainted in disbelief to hear the man's confessions. Both her knees went weak as it limped into rubber. She could not believe her ears from the words of the man's mouth!!! How on earth could he utter such confessions to her in broad daylight. She was shacking her head in disbelief and wanted to gouge the man's eyeballs out with her sharp fingernails. She wanted to open the hospital room's window and jump down at once. It was the most unspeakable incident she had ever heard.


What did the man confess?? 
What did the man actually do??


Every morning when my ailing and stroke stricken uncle was asleep on his bed, someone would come up to his bed to hold & stroke both his hands and caress his body from the head downwards, whispering all the darlings and sweet nothings. My philandering uncle had kept this slutty mistress in the closet for so many years!! This home-wrecker lady has finally surfaced and would bravely sneak into the hospital at the crack of dawn before the official visiting hours allowed, together with a very grown up daughter!! This mistress' daughter would lovingly address him as "Daddy, Daddy, how are you today?......"

Hell broke loose the minute that man got discharged from the hospital and my aunty has been cursing at her hubby everyday in the highest pitch of voice to go and die right away. Go to the bottomless level of the 18th Hell's dimension of No Return! This whole drama has messed up his whole family's peace and shook up everyone across the causeway. As a result of my aunty's constant screams and bickering, my favourite uncle has suffered from serious stroke 3 times in just a few months. He is now back to the hospital again and got wired up to the beeping machines again..... beep - beep - beep - beep..... My aunty was also admitted to the hospital with severe bouts of depression.

Of course, all the other ladies and aunties were all shaking their heads sadly in utter disgusts while I was actually half laughing away. I discussed with all the other male uncles and cousin-in-laws about this case and advised them that we should shut up our bloody mouths if we happen to sleep on the next hospital bed and witnessed the same dramas.

To Err Is Human, To Forgive Is Divine...
I have signed up to be a volunteer at the local centre to help the 
stroke patients. I wish to do my charity part after seeing how the stroke 
has crippled my naughty uncle. I am wearing the NASAM T-shirt
and would wade across pools and oceans to help him.

I have been reading up all the facts and issues on stroke prevention so that I can keep myself in good health and shape. I have listed out all the special fruits, juices and food that could help my family and friends on stroke prevention. For more information , click this NASAM (National Stroke Association of Malaysia)

Happy Weekend & Stay Healthy Always!
Don't be naughty yeah...


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Sabai-Sabai Thai Dinner

My dearest wifey invited her closest & best friends to have dinner last night. She wanted to pamper them all with her culinary skills in cooking simple yet special Thai food. Let me gloat again that my late mum was the well known Grand Diva of Thai cooking amongst the local Thai Embassy circles, who had famously cooked for our late PM Tunku Abdul Rahman whenever he requested for one particular dish that was not available in any restaurants in Penang during his retirement years. Thankfully, my mum had taught my wife a bit of her cooking styles when she was still alive. 

The dinner menu was meticulously prepared for a total of 9 pax with 7 courses. Goodness, I was completely drained out of energy after all the guests had left at 12:30am! I had to crawl and limp myself to bed like a sick dog while my wife still had robust energy like a walking Red Bull bottle to tidy up & wash everything. What did I do??

 We went to wet market and supermarkets to buy all the ingredients
which spread over 2 days. I am always good with sharp knives & 
grocery after being trained from very young
to carry the basket to wet markets to buy vegetables & meat.
My mum had also trained me well to chop vegetables,
condiments and slice & carve fruits in accordance with the Thai
customary way.

Our Dinner Menu

1. Miang Kham Appetizer
2. Tom Yam Soup 
3. Fish Cake
4. Green Curry Chicken
5. Kerabu Mango Fried Fish
6. Fried Omelette
7. Mango With Sticky Glutinous Rice 
8. Chilled Thai Black Coffee

 I took out all the antique wares inherited from my late grandmother & mother.
The above dish is the popular Thailand's appetizer called Miang Kham
which took the longest time to prepare as I had to peel & chop them
all into tiny bit pieces. The toughest was to dig out the flesh of old coconuts!
The brass tray above belonged to my late grandmother which is easily
over 100 years old. The spoons are all made of shells inlaid
with Mother of Pearls.

 I also took out all the new glass wares including the brand
new unsed Bohemian crystal wares which we received during our
wedding 15 years ago. I decided to use them all while I still
could otherwise it would be a white elephant.
The above are the Fish Cakes and Mango Sticky Rice.

 The above photo was taken before the arrival of guests.
The dishes were not all laid out yet so you could see
the other dishes like Fried Omelette, Green Curry Chicken,
Kerabu Mango Fried Fish and Tom Yam Soup below.


 The dinner ended close to 10:00pm but the guests were
still happily chatting & laughing away with all the wraps of
Miang Kham leaves being stuffed into their mouths.
This addictive appetizer is similar to the local "Daun Sireh" culture
for folks to munch and gossip. My chilled Iced-Black
Coffee must have kept them wide awake till they decided to
take a leave after seeing this old man yawning away at 12:30am!
Ha Ha Ha!


Friday, June 9, 2017

When Good Friends Went To Sekinchan

I have long wanted to visit several places around Malaysia but I have been flying overseas instead. I had wished to visit Kelantan, Terengganu, Sekinchan and the Islands of Redang & Perhentian. Finally last weekend, I managed to visit Sekinchan with my wife and her friends after their school's reunion at Kampar - Perak.

This is the participants by the ex school mates of Pei Yuan School at Kampar.
It was just a small number of students with their teachers as these days, it is
not easy to gather all the school mates together. These students were from
the classes of just 4-5 years only.
Can you Spot My Wife??

 The journey by road to Sekinchan was less than one
hour from Kampar through the villages.
This photo is the small jetty at Sekinchan.

 This is near the river mouth and the water is always muddy.
So many locals and tourists have been going to
visit their beach and paddy fields.

My wife and friends.

My wife and her darling.

 These containers have been recycled and looked attractive.

There were many swings hanging from the big old tree.
The wait was like forever for me
to get a chance to sit on the swings.

This stall looks very colourful with many kites.

I love the rainbow colours!

There were so many different kites for sale.
I used to fly kites when I was a child
but they were made of rice paper.

I spent some minutes looking at the kids and teenagers
flying their kites. It brought me down the memory lane.

These friends lined by the beach and held their hands up!
They must be thanking the heavens.

We all need friends and they are very important.
I met many terminally ill patients during the Hospice care and
their bigeest regrets were not having friends
around during their final days.
You will not be lonely when you have
friends who will always support us
from behind.

 Even at my age, friends can still
be crazy and let our hair down!

I went to see the big paddy fields too and it was so refreshing to see the greens.
The whole narrow streets were lined with so many cars
from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore!
Honestly, the best paddy fields I had seen was in Bali where
they were grown in many contour layers that looks amazing.

Please remember that our friends are very important.
I come from a huge family clan yet I am closer to
all my friends and even bloggers.

Happy Weekend My Readers!


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Went for Meeting & Chicken.

This morning, I headed to KPMG Towers to have my regular long meeting with my Japanese client Hideyuki Yamamoto who had just returned back from Tokyo last night. We always had to spend 1-2 hours discussing and updating all relevant jobs that are still running in progress. Actually the meeting could easily wrap up in mere 15 minutes if not for the English communication breakdown and nonsensical men talks. My client thinks I am a clown sometimes to crack him up so much.

Yamamoto-San is a young bachelor in his early 30s who hails from Kanagawa, somewhere just outside Tokyo. He is very thin with milky white skin plus Naruto looks and carries extremely polite manners of a typical Japanese with many courtesy bows at me on the left & right, front & back! So I just followed whatever he does lah. So cute to see me bow 5 times and hait hait hait hait.... Kekekekekeke

He told me that he loves Kuala Lumpur so much for its abundance of streetscape greenery environment & relaxed lifestyle. He really wishes to be based here forever instead of Tokyo City that never sleeps. The lifestyle there is way, too competitive in fast lanes and we all know that too. I will never want to overwork in their offices and die at my work table. When I was in Tokyo last 2 winters ago, I often saw many office buildings still had working lights on till wee hours, as we were heading back to our hotel in Akasaka area. Do you know that Tokyo has been ranked the biggest city in the world since many years ago? New York City is always ranked Number 2.

He excitedly reminded me that there will be a very long holiday break this month. He has booked himself a trip to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh for 4 days of fun and sightseeing all alone by himself. Suddenly, I became worried for him as he had not booked any hotels or engage a tour guide to show him around Angkor Wat. So I spent the next 1 hour to share my own experience in touring all the ancient ruins around Angkor Wat. He thought that he could easily hail street taxis and hop onto public buses everywhere like KL. After hearing my horror stories, his eyes went wide with pale face and started perspiring cold sweats. Hihihihi... I assured him that the swaying nightlife along the boulevards lining the rows of pubs and cafes would keep him drunk & happy every night. Finally, I made his adrenaline raced with excitement now.


The meeting ended and time for me to find the chicken. I bowed and bowed my way to his office's door. I bade him Sayonara to adjourn for my lunch. Yes, I have long wanted to try this curry chicken rice at the old wing of the connected shopping mall.

I have a blogger friend who has boasted that he has been eating this curry chicken rice at least 4 times a week for many-many months now. I think he has grown chicken feathers by now for his serious incurable addiction for their curry chicken.

Oh well, I have finally eaten this curry chicken now. I could understand my friend's serious addiction better as I could taste its flavourful thick gravy with sufficient aromatic spices. They were 2 chunks of lean meat with 3 potatoes to please me. I upgraded my set meal with a big glass of Iced Lemon Tea that costs extra 99 sen. The total bill was RM11.60 and I will be back again soon.


Unpleasant Homecoming

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