Monday, September 26, 2016

Exercise In Moderation

I have been frequently asked "Is exercise good for you?" 
The expert's reply - Mostly, yes. Sometimes, it’s not at all. 
In fact, there are times when exercise can be downright dangerous. 

There are lots of good evidence that regular exercise of any kind 
will lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. 

It will make you stronger, thinner, more alert, and lower 
your risk of cancer, stroke, heart attack, arrhythmia 
and blood clots. So please exercise. You’ll feel better 
and live longer but do it in moderation, 
says the expert.

My wife is an exercise and fitness freak who often gave me raised eye brows & shocking surprises. She has cycled with her gang for the torturous Century Ride of 180km around Penang till Kedah & Perak States besides trips up to Fraser's Hills, Hulu Langat, Melaka and others on her 2 wheels. She has dragged me to hike up Mount Kinabalu, Mount Emei-Shan, Mount Jiuhua-Shan and Mount Hua-Shan in China. My heart and poor legs were often screaming for help. Now she is into Tai Chi after mastering her head-stand pose to get her Teaching Certificate for Yoga. This Saturday would be her second Tai-Chi Tournament in Johor Bahru.

There is a huge park with a big lake, complete with flowing water streams 
and jungle trails nearby my home. This Kiara Park is very spacious and 
neat with abundance of wild greens.

 It is a very popular place for all families of the 3 generations. 
They will come for slow walks, jogging and even conduct boot camps!

There are many species of monkeys and exotic birds too.
I even saw the rare protected red butted monkeys!
The air is very fresh with lots of flowing energy.

That's yours truly, climbing up the rocks at where my wifey
said was the easiest trails of hers. You will also see hundreds of brave cyclists 
riding their mountain bikes across the tough trails which looked 
very dangerous & steep.

That's my tough Iron Woman who could sweep all the toughest
trails daily with her like-minded hikers or even ALONE!

 She would also practice her Tai Chi movements and swords very often. Her tournament is coming up and she trained so rigorously until her tendon snapped! She became a crippled and had to see the TCM Tit-Tar to fix her leg which had internal bleeding. That Chinese doctor cupped out all the 'loose' internal blood out which looked slimy.

Remember that I fell inside the drain 2 months ago? My leg has healed but the dark patches were still visible and would not disappear. I went to this TCM Doctor who used needles to painfully prick my leg to extract out all the 'loose' blood that was bad in colour and thick like glue! That's dangerous and should be removed otherwise I would have multiple blood clots in near future.

Mr & Mrs Leg Fashion.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Drinking Durian Water

I went to eat durians with a friend together with our wives recently and he posted my photo in his instagram. I was so surprised to see myself drinking the water from the durian's skin at the stall in Cheras. My wife had earlier taught me that it is a popular remedy of old wives tales to reduce the bodily heat and bad breaths after eating so many durian fruits.

Oh well, I tried it and felt good after that durian water drinking rituals. No bodily heat and no bad breaths or smelly fingers whatsoever! Have you ever tried this?


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Man's Best Friend

I found my old childhood photo in my blog archives recently. It was taken at my grandfather's home in Thailand which is almost 2 acres big. He kept several dogs and 4 servants to manage the place. When intruders entered at night, the dogs would bark non stop to wake my late grandfather up. He would just pick up the rifle and shoot at the direction. The loud gunshot bang would send the robbers away! The dogs went back to sleep.

The photo of my brother, cousin and myself. Can you recognize me?
I was about 9 years old.

Today I have so much memories of my late father and all the dogs in Penang. I was a very small kid then and got chased by so many dogs. I got bitten by an Alsatian, Doberman, Dalmatian, Bull Dog, Shaggy Dog and so many pariah dogs! Each time I got bitten, I would go home crying to my father who would ask me to show him the dogs in the neighbourhood. He was worried and always took me to hospital for rabies injections!! My wife thinks I am still very crazy at times and I blamed these infected crazy dogs.

I still love all the dogs very much as they are fun and loyal for your attention. I also love cats as they are quiet and mind their own business always. I just do not wish to keep them as pets because I would cry many buckets when they die. Do the dogs bite you too??


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Where is the BEST Fish Head Noodles?

Now it is time to move on and I will join the wagon to blog about food. I know it is not my style to share about what I eat, ate and eaten. It sounds so unlike me as I have been hopeless to brag about food.

Let me share how I became a great fan of fish head noodles. It was over a decade ago when I lived in Taman Desa and Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles opened their second branch there. I loved their noodles so much that I patronized their restaurant almost daily and became good friends with the son of the Lady Boss! This Kah Wei would always give me something special like jumping the long queues!!

Last weekend, I decided to head to their other branch at the Sri Petaling area after collecting my wife's racing bicycle which went for some fine tuning at a workshop in the vicinity. I have been hesitating to eat there after seeing so many bloggers sharing the variety of the delicious food haven. The parking was really horrendous and I knew that as my ex company is still there. I worked there for over 10 years and know the backlanes & cronies like the back of my hand.

I was thrilled to be back to Sri Petaling and thanks to their new multi storey car park!

I ordered this big bowl with fried fish and milky broth.
I always enjoyed chewing slowly and spitting out all the fish bones
while my wife waves white flag. She prefers the fish maw type.

 We ordered a plate of crispy fried Bean Curd (Foo Chok)

This refreshing Umbra Fruit Juice was so heavenly to down after 
drinking all the fishy broth! I love this very much and so were my
American friends.

That was just RM49.30 for the dinner of 2 persons.
Please tell me where I could find much better fish head
noodles. I am a fan and would drive for miles!
Thank you!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Good Bye To My Parents

The journey of life is not always a path of roses and happiness. The world is enveloped with the balance of night & day, happiness & sadness and birth & deaths, eventually.

My dearest mother left us in March 2015 and my father joined my mother in August last month. They have been the most loving couple I have seen as they had never quarreled even once and were inseparable. 

My family made a trip to our hometown in Penang last week to fulfill my parents wishes to conduct the internment of their ashes into the sea. 

 It was a beautiful morning from the windows of my room
at Evergreen Laurel Hotel @ Gurney Drive.

 We arrived at the quiet and tranquil beach of Teluk Bahang
where no tourists would swim here. I fetched 2 monks to bless
and conduct the internment ceremony.

My family, siblings and their families boarded the chartered boat.

I brought along an ice box full of jasmine with rose petals.
My parents loved flowers and we always had beautiful flowers
in the gardens of the homes we had lived.

After some chanting and prayers by the monks, the older
siblings had to pour both our parents' ashes into the sea.
My sister wept throughout the whole journey as she is
the oldest child who was naturally the closest and well pampered
by my parents. When you become the youngest child in the family,
you will notice that you have the least photographs of yourself in the
family albums, naturally. They also spoke lesser to me!!

........Good Bye to my parents......

 My parents are reunited again in the Land of Eternity.

 Thank you very much to my parents for giving me the 
happiest memories!

 Our hearts were very sad and heavy. 
We had to return to the land and life moves on.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Birthday Surprise For My Wife

My father had gone to heavens to meet my mother. They both must be holding hands and dance ballroom on the clouds. Our lives must move on but without any big celebrations for a whole year. I must not attend any weddings, birthday parties or big events as advised by the religious Gurus who adhere to the Law of the Universe. I will blog and share my parents' old photos soon.

My wife's birthday was like over 2 week's after my father's departure. My lovely wife is a very simple and easy person who has no attachments to materialistic things like branded stuffs or even flowers as she is allergic to the pollen. So I cracked my head and ordered her special gift long ago. I kept it under my office's table and waited for her big day to arrive.

On the eve of her birthday, she was fast asleep while I waited till midnight before taking her gift out. I placed her birthday gift beside her pillow and inserted her personal card. Suddenly, it got activated, started beeping loudly BEEP- TOOOT- BEEEP-TOOT and a recorded voice screamed out in Mandarin to welcome her!!

My wife had a big fright and woke up in disbelief!!!

I gave her a real ATM machine that could withdraw cash or even keep cash bills & coins. She was delighted to see so many big notes inside. I wish her every Happiness, Good Health and Big Wealth with this new handy ATM @ Home.

Now this rich birthday girl took me out to dine at my favourite Japanese restaurant where there is a barbeque buffet. It is so pricey but this rich birthday girl happily paid for the bill. It was no celebration but just makan-makan as usual with live band to serenade our appetite.

You must try this fabulous restaurant ROCKU at One Utama Shopping Centre.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Goodbye My Dearest Father

My dearest father has left us forever. It was Monday 1st August when I went to visit my father in the hospital. It was about 5.30pm when I arrived his ward and noticed that his hands were very swollen. My heart sank as I knew that his time was nearing the end. I had seen many terminally ill cancer patients from my volunteer days where their bodies and organs had all gradually shut down till the last stage where the water retention would appear. I snapped his photos and sent to my siblings who made a dash to the hospital.

I held my father's hand and it was very cold like ice. I stroke his warm forehead and combed his hair with my fingers softly. I held his hands very tightly and started chanting all the Buddhist mantras, knowing that it would help him go in peace. I promptly walked out of the room and visited my friend in the next ward. My old friend had suffered from a major heart attack and was critical. I chatted with him a bit and cheered him up, not to fear of his sickly condition. My phoned beeped and I saw the message from my sister - "Dad is gone...."

The night was very long as we had to do so much preparations for the funeral. I had booked for the special funeral package last year and it was a real breeze as their professional team handled all the necessary and meticulous details. The most important duty when someone dies is the timing of its soul emerging out of their bodies. It would need between 6 to 9 hours for the soul to rise up and they often felt suffering and lost to experience their own soul tearing out of their bodies. This is the most crucial time when we need to be at their side and chant prayers to seek divine's blessing to help their journey out. My brave and fearless wife walked into the morgue of the funeral parlour alone and stood beside my father's body. She chanted the whole sutra book of Bodhisattva Di ZangWang to ferry my father's soul for over 1 hour. She stood in the middle of several bodies and coffins alone! I believe the other souls also benefited along.

  The funeral wake was held for 3 days and 2 nights.